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We make money from our retail partners, not from your team's effort. You keep 100% of the money your team earns.

Most Active Teams

Ottawa National Diving Club

Ottawa, ON Diving



CAPTivate World Gymnaestraeda 2023

Calgary, AB Gymnastics



11U CCrush

Casper, WY Baseball




Port Hope, ON Music



St Victor Elementary School

Toronto, ON Elementary School



Durham Attack Venom 14U

Whitby, ON Volleyball



2008 Minor PeeWee Burlington Bulls Single A

Burlington, ON Baseball



Whitby 9U Tier 2

Whitby, ON Baseball



35 Teams Have Earned Funds on FlipGive When Shopping With Zenkai Sports.

Zenkai Sports proprietary Filium® activated fabrics are water-resistant while still remaining effortlessly breathable. Protecting you from anything that mother nature has to give while remaining one of the comfiest fabrics on the planet. Protection when you need it, stay light and cool when you don’t. Zenkai apparel also dries 40% faster than synthetic fabrics so after wearing, just take, shake and hang. Zenkai can be worn multiple times between each washing, prolonging the life of your garments. We’ll go head-to-head with anyone who claims their anti-odor technology is better.

How Much Can My Team Earn?

How Often Does Your Family Shop Per Month?

Calculated for an average family of 4.
3 Shopping Trips

Earn $50
4 Grocery Runs

Earn $50
2 Hotel Nights

Earn $50
4 Meals Out

Earn $50
2 Family Outings

Earn $50

Your Family Can Earn $173 A Month Just On Your Regular Spending!


How Many People On Your Team


Cash Your Team Can Earn Using FlipGive For A Year!

Or you could sell 6,228 boxes of cookies, run car washes, bake sales or other time consuming fundraisers.

Teams Have Earned Over $20 Million with FlipGive!

"Raising money is easy - every road game our team earns by booking hotels or eating out together."

Whitby Wildcats raised $13,463.34 on FlipGive
$13,463.34 Raised Whitby Wildcats

"Our parents couldn't believe how quickly we reached our goal when the entire team got involved!"

California Golden Bears raised $8,525.54 on FlipGive
$8,525.54 Raised California Golden Bears

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