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I'm so excited honestly. This is much more user friendly than spreadsheets. Life is about time and this budget tool is saving me lots of it.

Heather Leggett
Heather Leggett
Solar Soccer Club ECNL-RL U19 Grado

Say goodbye to budgeting marathons

Connect your team bank account to automatically track income and expenses throughout the season. No more weekends spent piecing together the paper trail.

Never come up short again

Real-time graphs and charts make it easy to see where your budget stands at a glance. No surprises.

Stop chasing down fees

Easily calculate what is owed, set up a payment schedule, and automatically send reminders. Fees are deposited directly into your team’s bank account. Connect to the FlipGive Funding app and players can shop and earn to offset fees.

Gain your team’s trust

Generate a report to share with your team or association anytime for complete transparency.

Coming Soon

Make reimbursement a breeze

Anyone on your team can submit a photo of their receipt for instant approval and reimbursement directly to their account.

Coming Soon

Issue rebates in one click

Finish the season with a budget surplus? Funds can be sent as a rebate to each player.

Keep track of everything!
Trial-and-error and scrambling for back-of-napkin notes
To do lists, reminders, how-to guides make it simple, even for first-time budgeters
Track income and expenses
Manually transcribing receipts and calculating totals
Link your team bank account for automatic tracking
Collect team fees
Hounding players for money over and over
Set your payment schedule and players will receive relevant reminders
Create and share reports
Spending countless hours on spreadsheets with complicated formulas
Generate a shareable report in one click

Loved by teams across North America

FlipGive offers a suite of free tools for teams to make and manage money. Teams earn cashback toward expenses, balance the budget, accept fee payments, open a team account through us, and more. Managers and parents save time and energy while lowering the cost to play.

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Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets

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