FlipGive Max

Add FlipGive Max to your browser and every time you visit participating sites where you can earn cash, he’ll let you know!


How It Works

Login to your FlipGive account. If you don't have one, sign up here and create a team.
Start shopping! When you visit any participating online stores, Max will prompt you to activate cash back for your team.
Simply click the 'Activate' button and never miss cash back for your team again!


Access exclusive deals as you're shopping

Once activated, a teal notification bar will appear at the top of the screen. Clicking on this will give you information on the cash back rate as well as available deals, terms and conditions on-screen without ever having to go elsewhere!
Access exclusive deals as you're shopping

Earn with gift cards

Max also taps into our vast selection of gift cards for your favorite retailers and restaurants. Simply click Buy Gift Card when prompted to purchase one and earn cash back. You'll receive your card right away so that you can redeem it when you checkout!
Earn with gift cards

Reminds you as you search

We will identify any participating stores where you can earn cash back whenever you search with Google, Bing or Yahoo.
Reminds you as you search

Teal icon = cash back

When you visit a participating store online, the cash back reminder icon tells you if your activated, available or not available
Teal icon = cash back

Search all brands that give back

FlipGive Max enables you to quickly search and shop at participating brands straight from your web browser. There's no need to visit your team page to earn cash back.
Search all brands that give back

Frequently asked questions

What is it?
FlipGive Max is a Cash Reminder add-on that notifies you when you can earn cash at participating websites. Once downloaded, it sits quietly on your browser and alerts you of potential earnings from participating brands so that you can earn cash for your team.
Why should I use it?
FlipGive Max is an amazing way to ensure you maximize the money you can raise for your FlipGive team. While you’re shopping with participating brands, FlipGive Max will prompt you to activate your earnings. In one quick click, you can activate your “earnings” and raise money for your team, league or school.
How does it work?
Simply install the FlipGive Max extension to your browser, login and it will do all the work.
How do I know it's working?
After you've activated any offer you can always visit My Shopping Trips under My Account to see which shopping trips you've taken are eligible for cash back.
Does it work for all FlipGive brands?
FlipGive Max will notify you of cash earnings for most but not all stores. Some stores have different rules on how we can notify you of available cash. You can see which stores allow notifications once you download the tool.
Is it free?
Is it safe?
Yes. Security is a huge concern for everyone, which is why FlipGive Max has been carefully built and meticulously tested by the team at FlipGive. You can download it directly from our site so there's nothing to worry about.
Will it track and store my credit card data?
No. Payment details are NOT recorded when you use the FlipGive Max. This add-on simply tells the brand you came from FlipGive. When the brand processes your order they recognise you came from FlipGive and credit your FlipGive team with cash.
How do I get rid of it?
Simply right-click on the FlipGive icon, click Remove.
Can I use it on my phone / tablet?
No, unfortunately mobile and tablet web browsers do not support browser extensions at this time.
For which web browsers is FlipGive Max available?
Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Never miss cash back for your team again.

Questions? We're here to help.