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As parents with kids enrolled in team sports and arts programs we were constantly having to sell cookies and host car washes to raise money year after year. We knew there had to be a better way. After a long search through candy and pizza fundraising companies, we couldn't find a solution that we liked... so we decided to build our own.

We knew that the worst part of fundraising is having to ask and burden close friends and family to buy things that they don't want or need. Leveraging our backgrounds in e-commerce and charity fundraising, we've come up with an alternative that we believe is a better way to raise funds for the things your family loves.

By partnering up with brands we've built an online shopping platform that connects you with the stores you already shop at except now they will give cash back to your team. Brands now have a way to give back to the community and teams can fund the things they love to do by simply shopping, eating out, and traveling. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

At FlipGive, we want to empower parents, coaches, teachers, managers or anyone for that matter to fund the things they love and put the focus back on the kids and their development both on and off the field.

From the FlipGive family to yours,

Mark Bachman

Mark Bachman
Co-founder & CEO

Nicholas Lee

Nicholas Lee
Co-founder & CTO

Elizabeth Gladney

Elizabeth Gladney
VP Marketing

David Benoliel

David Benoliel

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FlipGive team

The team of superheroes here at FlipGive harness an extremely diverse group of individuals who work collectively to provide you with what FlipGive is today. With backgrounds varying from charity to engineering, we are a pretty talented group of folks. We are extremely proud of our team and all the hard work everyone puts forward each day. If you were a fly on the office wall, you’d want to join too. That’s how awesome our family is.

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We’re a certified B Corp

As the first internationally certified B Corporation, we share in their vision of using the power of business as a force for good. At FlipGive, we meet B Lab’s rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We’re committed to positive change in our community, work and within our office.

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