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Halloween 2018: the 20 most popular costumes for kids

Oct 09 2018

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Here comes one of our favorite and most decorated events of the year: Halloween! We don't know about you, but every year we feel excited to see what costumes are going to be the most popular because every year is a totally different story... It is the time for them to be someone different, to express their personality, to feel empowered by their favorite superhero, princess, athlete, villain, or movie character. For that reason, we crafted a list of the coolest costume trends of 2018. Remember to shop for your team this Halloween and get up to 10% back on your costumes! 





We all know Fortnite has taken over many kids' life. Take the game to reality by getting their favorite character. Our faves are the Black Knight costume and the Skull Trooper costume! 

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The Incredibles

We don't know about you, but we were huge fans of the Incredibles 2. The great thing about this costume is that it is actually available for the entire family! Nothing is funnier than group costumes! 


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Black Panther 

Another one of our favorite movies this year was Black Panther! King T'Challa is hands down one of our top picks for this Halloween. 

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Eleven from Stranger Things 

This one was a huge one last year, but we are still fans of Eleven in Stranger Things. 


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Wonder Woman 

We love that our girls also get to be a superhero and that is the reason why Wonder Woman is still one of our top picks this year! 

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Harry Potter 

Now, we know Harry Potter is not new but what is more magical and iconic than a Hogwarts costume?

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Jurassic World T-rex

We find this costume so cool, that we actually have two in our headquarters! Trust us when we say your kid will steal the show. 

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Lebron James 

How could we be a team funding app and not include one of our favorite basketball players? Get their fave at Fanatics, not only you get to keep it, but you also get 10% back on your purchase.  


Shop Here. 

Winnie the Pooh 

One of our favorite childhood characters did its big screen comeback this year too. This one is for the sweetest souls that like to be comfy in their Halloween costume. 

Shop Here. 


Just because Peter Parker never ever gets old!

Shop Here. 

Han Solo

An Oldie but a goodie: this is finally the year of Han Solo! This will be the perfect costume for the most adventurous and courageous souls of the galaxy! 

Shop Here. 

Tom Brady

What do we love about them dressing up as their favorite athlete? The fact that they will wear the jersey more than once a year!  

Shop Here.


Our girls also finally get to have their very own Jedi character: Rey! 

Shop Here. 




The Star Wars creatures are in our opinion one of the cutest costumes you can get this year! 


If your kid is obsessed with princesses, Belle is your pick. We don't blame her, this going is perfect! 



Moana for the most adventurous and wild souls! 


Minecraft is another game that is sticking around. 

Thanos from the Avengers

This one is for the ones that love dressing up as Villains: Thanos is fierce and powerful! 


Mary Poppins

Guess who is also making a come back at the end of this year? Be ahead of the curve and dress them like Mary Poppins before anyone else does. 


What are your favorites? Did your costume make the top 20?

* Please note that the gives and retailers are US specific and might vary for Canada/ 


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