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Aidan's Choir School Tour to Germany Toronto, ON Music
2 $402 raised

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Jack U.

Jack U.

$11,088 raised

Our boys have been dreaming of competing in Cooperstown since most of them could hold a bat. The money we raised through FlipGive will help make their dreams come true. Our friends and family have so generously supported our team through this fundraiser and we are so thankful. Fundraising has never been easier! We far exceeded our expectations with very little effort.

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Savannah High School Choir Savannah, MO Music
21 $140 raised
CCS Iceland bound! Exton, PA Music
8 $19 raised
Denver School of the Arts Advanced Orchestra Denver, CO Music
1 $16 raised
Cheyenne Mtn. High School Choirs Colorado Springs, CO Music
3 $15 raised
Jackson Middle School Show Choir: Spark of Class Grove City, OH Music
2 $11 raised
Buckingham County Music Club Dillwyn, VA Music
3 $6 raised
STMA Band Boosters Saint Michael, MN Music
1 $6 raised
Smart Cookies Academy Three Rivers, MI Music
1 $0 raised

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