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Most Funded

Jamesville Elementary PTG Jamesville, NY PTA & PTO
1 $510 raised
Children's House Montessori School Parent Fundraiser Port Perry, ON PTA & PTO
1 $464 raised

PTA & PTO Heroes

Jack U.

Jack U.

$11,138 raised

Our boys have been dreaming of competing in Cooperstown since most of them could hold a bat. The money we raised through FlipGive will help make their dreams come true. Our friends and family have so generously supported our team through this fundraiser and we are so thankful. Fundraising has never been easier! We far exceeded our expectations with very little effort.

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Popular Now

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen PTO Evergreen, CO PTA & PTO
10 $294 raised
Andover Regional Education Fund 2016-17 Newton, NJ PTA & PTO
11 $274 raised
Saint Mark's Episcopal School Upland, CA PTA & PTO
32 $247 raised
Depaolo Middle School PTO Southington, CT PTA & PTO
7 $158 raised
PLHS PTA Pompton Lakes, NJ PTA & PTO
1 $151 raised
Hawthorne School PTA Beverly Hills, CA PTA & PTO
8 $103 raised
Cousino Booster Club Warren, MI PTA & PTO
2 $100 raised
St. Josephs School Toledo, ON PTA & PTO
1 $41 raised
Flanders Elementary PTO Southington, CT PTA & PTO
4 $30 raised
The School for Creative Studies PTSA Durham, NC PTA & PTO
30 $28 raised
Cross St PFG Naugatuck, CT PTA & PTO
1 $27 raised
Lynn Crest PTO Woodbridge Township, NJ PTA & PTO
1 $27 raised
Adena Primary PTO Frankfort, OH PTA & PTO
3 $26 raised
Northwest Elementary PTO McDermott, OH PTA & PTO
2 $25 raised
Sammy McClure Middle School PTSA Dallas, GA PTA & PTO
16 $22 raised
South End PTO Southington, CT PTA & PTO
1 $21 raised
Cheyenne PTO Fundraiser Macomb, MI PTA & PTO
1 $14 raised
Prince Edward Elementary School PTA Farmville, VA PTA & PTO
1 $10 raised
Frank H. Hammond PTO Munster, IN PTA & PTO
1 $9 raised
Alexander High School PTSO Douglasville, GA PTA & PTO
3 $7 raised
St Patrick Cathedral School HSA/PTO Norwich, CT PTA & PTO
2 $7 raised
MEC PTO Franklin, NC PTA & PTO
5 $7 raised
Lakeview Terrace PTA Moses Lake, WA PTA & PTO
2 $7 raised
Eagle Staten Island, NY PTA & PTO
3 $6 raised

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