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Our Dream Team Hagerstown, MD Student Clubs
1 $960 raised
B-P DECA Taunton, MA Student Clubs
5 $708 raised

Student Club Heroes

Jack U.

Jack U.

$11,138 raised

Our boys have been dreaming of competing in Cooperstown since most of them could hold a bat. The money we raised through FlipGive will help make their dreams come true. Our friends and family have so generously supported our team through this fundraiser and we are so thankful. Fundraising has never been easier! We far exceeded our expectations with very little effort.

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Popular Now

CSULA EcoCAR3 Los Angeles, CA Student Clubs
11 $185 raised
3lks Belize 2017 Three Lakes, WI Student Clubs
8 $130 raised
Worcester Tech DECA Worcester, MA Student Clubs
2 $121 raised
East Bridgewater Jr./Sr. High School DECA East Bridgewater, MA Student Clubs
6 $101 raised
Stoughton High DECA Stoughton, MA Student Clubs
1 $84 raised
University of North Carolina Weightlifting Club Chapel Hill, NC Student Clubs
1 $67 raised
Southey EF Tours Travel Group SK Student Clubs
9 $51 raised
PBL Alpha Mu Fremont, CA Student Clubs
11 $48 raised
Travel Club Fundraiser Killam, AB Student Clubs
1 $47 raised
Blazer Robotics Boca Raton, FL Student Clubs
4 $25 raised
PPCC Phi Beta Lambda Colorado Springs, CO Student Clubs
5 $24 raised
RULH BPA Chapter Ripley, OH Student Clubs
2 $20 raised
Nathan Hale High School FCCLA Milwaukee, WI Student Clubs
1 $10 raised
Boys & Girls Club of Dawson County Glendive, MT Student Clubs
1 $7 raised
NERDS Philadelphia, PA Student Clubs
2 $7 raised
Young Scholars Charter Sc Philadelphia, PA Student Clubs
1 $0 raised
The Pirates of The Grand Island Grand Island, NE Student Clubs
1 $0 raised
Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience St. Louis, MO Student Clubs
1 $0 raised
Not available Wesley Chapel, FL Student Clubs
1 $0 raised
HHS TSA Dallas, GA Student Clubs
1 $0 raised
PJHS Beta Pearl, MS Student Clubs
1 $0 raised
Tyrone student council Harper Woods, MI Student Clubs
1 $0 raised
VEX Robotic Competition Gainesville, FL Student Clubs
1 $0 raised

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