Figure Skating Fundraisers

If you have a figure skating team or club, the subject of fundraising has probably already come up. Before you start trying to sell yet another product, why not earn money simply by shopping? FlipGive makes it happen!

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Why FlipGive?

It's fundraising the easy way, and it doesn't cost you a thing!

Earn Through Shopping

When your team or their families shop online at one of our many partners, your team earns money. Most shoppers are already buying these items, and now your team can benefit!

Local Shopping

Register your qualified credit card and use it to make purchases at authorized local shops. Your figure skating team receives earnings with every purchase! (US only)

Team Events

Schedule an event for your skating team at a participating restaurant and earn money to cover team expenses.


All of your friends, family, and other sponsors can make donations right through your FlipGive team page. It's just that easy!

Figure Skating Fundraising Made Easy

Figure skating is a demanding sport, and the expenses can be overwhelming. Fundraising becomes more important as your team grows, and your FlipGive account grows right along with it, providing more earnings as your skate team families continue to shop. FlipGive is your ultimate figure skating fundraising solution, working for your team in the background while your skaters work on the ice. Sign up today and get the funds coming in!

Gloucester Skating Club

Ottawa, ON Figure Skating



Gold Ice Synchronized Skating 2019/2020

Brampton, ON Figure Skating



Ilderton Skating Club - Ice Ignite

London, ON Figure Skating



Sungod Skating Club

Delta, BC Figure Skating



Whitby Synchronized Skating Teams

Whitby, ON Figure Skating



MERAKI Intermediate

Toronto, ON Figure Skating



Ocean State Ice Theatre

Attleboro, MA Figure Skating



Novice 2019-2020

Ottawa, ON Figure Skating



How It Works


Create Your Figure Skating Team Page

Log into FlipGive via the website or the app and setup your unique figure skating team page. You can start earning money right away, even before others join you!


Invite Your Skaters and Supporters

Invite your team and their supporters to join online using your unique code. Everyone who signs on will earn funds for the team whenever they shop with one of our partners.


Encourage Shopping

Show your teammates how to use the app to find the right places to shop, and instantly begin bringing in money for the team. It's easy and effective!


Utilize The Funds

As earned funds build up, your team can request a check and start using the cash right away. There's no limit to how much you can earn, and the flow never stops!

What People Are Saying

"Raising money is easy - every road game our team earns by booking hotels or eating out together."

Wildcats 12U $22,294 Raised

"Our parents couldn't believe how quickly we reached our goal when the entire team got involved!"

California Golden Bears $8,827 Raised

"FlipGive has been a great way to reduce the financial burden for the families on our team."

Bend United $15,035 Raised

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