Pickleball Team Fundraisers

Just like pickleball, your funding campaigns need to be versatile. Enter FlipGive, where you can shop and earn funds, gather donations, and have fun!

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Why FlipGive?

The leading team fundraising app in the US and Canada.

Earn Funds on Your Next Away Game

Celebrate the defeat of your rivals by going to one of our hotel or restaurant partners. Each stay earns funds for your team at no added cost.

Shop the Best Brands

Whether Junior needs a new set of cleats, or you just need some more groceries, why not let up to 20% of those purchases go into your funding account instead? It’s as simple as going through FlipGive.

Manage Your Campaign Through One Dashboard

Rather than your team needing to manage its funding efforts on their own, members can work together and see the fundraising efforts sort together!

FlipGive Provides New Fundraising Ideas

Each month, FlipGive provides great new tips, fundraising ideas, and deals so your campaign never feels stale.

Pickleball Fundraising’s Best Idea Yet

Pickleball is only growing in popularity, but it still needs help! Do your part to grow your favorite sport, or use it for another cause. The possibilities are endless when you use FlipGive to shop, earn, and fund your goals. When you’re ready to get started, schedule a coaching call with the FlipGive team to see even better results. Try FlipGive today!

How It Works


Create Your Pickleball Team

Seconds after hitting create your team, you can explore the greatest deals, start gathering donations, and invite friends to join your team.


Shop Your Favorite Brands

FlipGive teams with several of today’s most popular stores and brands. Each brand’s deal is clearly marked with what percentage each purchase will earn back for your campaign. With every buy, you can get back up to 20% of your spend to your team!


Donate and Give Thanks

Donations are handled through an easy-to-use portal that is safe and secure. When someone makes a donation, your team will be notified. Short on time? Pickleball teams can give thanks with just a click of a button!


Make Your Withdrawal

Before you know it, you and your pickleball team can hit your fundraising goals in record time. When you’re ready, FlipGive will cut your team a check.

What People Are Saying

"Raising money is easy - every road game our team earns by booking hotels or eating out together."

Wildcats 12U $22,294 Raised

"Our parents couldn't believe how quickly we reached our goal when the entire team got involved!"

California Golden Bears $8,827 Raised

"FlipGive has been a great way to reduce the financial burden for the families on our team."

Bend United $15,035 Raised

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