Scouts team fundraisers

A scout is always prepared. Plan, promote, and earn funds by shopping and gathering donations through FlipGive.

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Why choose FlipGive for Scout Fundraising?

Because fundraising is more than another car wash.

FlipGive Gets You Funds From Everyday Items

Every day, FlipGive is partnering with new and exciting brands and stores. Each time you buy an item from an affiliated brand, your team’s funds grow.

Earn Funds While Travelling

Every scout can make it in the wild, but FlipGive makes your next adventure just a little bit smarter. Coordinate any available purchases for your travel expenses through FlipGive and receive up to 15% back.

Have Fun and Get New Ideas

Each FlipGive team gets tools to manage and organize their campaign with ease. Plus, FlipGive keeps things fresh with new deals, contests, and fundraising ideas to keep you marching towards your funding goals.

No Risk To Try

It’s the easiest fundraising idea ever. All teams are free to use the FlipGive app for the duration of the campaign.

Scout Fundraising Made Easier

It’s not always easy to get kids fundraising, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! FlipGive makes fundraising fun for scouts and kids of every age by providing easy to use tools and the ability to work together. Ready to get funding? Create a team today or schedule a coaching call and learn just how easy funding with FlipGive is.

Strathcona 215 Scouts

Calgary, AB Scouts



27th Guelph

Guelph, ON Scouts



Girl Scout Troop 3402

Wylie, TX Scouts



HJ scouting fundraiser

Windsor, ON Scouts



Venturing Crew 25

Orlando, FL Scouts



Scouts BSA Troop 200

Newmarket, NH Scouts



Boy Scouts Troop 1313

Canonsburg, PA Scouts



4th Clarenville Scouts

Clarenville, NL Scouts



How It Works


Create Your Team Page

To get things started, create a team for your troop to rally behind. Inviting teammates is simple through the use of your own unique team code.


Shop for Outdoors Gear and More

While logged in to your team, you’ll see each deal available for you to take advantage of clearly explained. When you buy your gear through FlipGive, each purchase earns a percentage back to your teams campaign.


Gather Donations and Keep Raising Your Campaign Goals

FlipGive offers friends and family an easy portal to help donate to your cause. Keep the funds flowing by pushing your campaign goals higher and higher! Plus, when someone donates, FlipGive makes it easy to say thank you with just one click.


Collect Your Earnings

When it comes time to complete your fundraising badge, simply tell FlipGive that your ready to cash in. A check will be written to your team without any trouble.

What People Are Saying

"Raising money is easy - every road game our team earns by booking hotels or eating out together."

Wildcats 12U $22,294 Raised

"Our parents couldn't believe how quickly we reached our goal when the entire team got involved!"

California Golden Bears $8,827 Raised

"FlipGive has been a great way to reduce the financial burden for the families on our team."

Bend United $15,035 Raised

Want To Learn More

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