Fundraising for Cheerleading Teams & Clubs

Raise money for your cheerleading team or club to help pay for expenses like uniforms, tournament fees and travel expenses.

Most Funded

Evolution Cheer Staten Island, NY Cheerleading
11 $4,906 raised
Oswego East Cheerleading Oswego, IL Cheerleading
59 $1,524 raised
Champion Cheer Athletics Long Beach, CA Cheerleading
10 $503 raised
Champs Central Morgantown, WV Cheerleading
3 $413 raised
USA Allstars Fredericksburg, VA Cheerleading
16 $403 raised
Lady Glam Murfreesboro, TN Cheerleading
31 $380 raised

Cheerleading Heroes

Katie Picciariello

Katie P.


This fundraiser was the easiest way to earn funds for our cheer squad! Everything is done online. You just send a link to friends and family, and they do the rest! We exceeded our goal to raise $500 and couldn't be happier!

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Popular Now

North Star All Stars Fairbanks, AK Cheerleading
35 $339 raised
Arizona Element Elite - Platinum Peoria, AZ Cheerleading
17 $328 raised
Twist and Shout All-Star Cheerleading Norman Norman, OK Cheerleading
7 $306 raised
AZALEA YOUTH FOOTBALL Saint Petersburg, FL Cheerleading
10 $275 raised
Sierra High School Cheerleaders Colorado Springs, CO Cheerleading
1 $260 raised
Scorpions Niagara Navy Seals Thorold, ON Cheerleading
15 $183 raised
Twist and shout lady eve Tahlequah, OK Cheerleading
9 $183 raised
12 $183 raised
Cullman High School Competition Cheer Cullman, AL Cheerleading
15 $140 raised
ODT Ladies In Blue Eugene, OR Cheerleading
7 $126 raised
Shop with the Hawks Cheerleaders Yuma, AZ Cheerleading
16 $114 raised
Paramount Cheer Summit Nationals Murfreesboro, TN Cheerleading
7 $112 raised
UC Davis Spirit Squad Davis, CA Cheerleading
23 $107 raised
Ivy Academia Cheerleaders CA Cheerleading
19 $105 raised
Teal Tiaras Henrico, VA Cheerleading
14 $100 raised
Paige DeChaney Morton, IL Cheerleading
1 $98 raised
Help Fund Ava @ JuST Cheer All Stars with Online Cashback Shopping! Sparta Township, NJ Cheerleading
4 $98 raised
Pineview Cheerleaders Washington, UT Cheerleading
8 $93 raised
All Star Cheer Academy Parents Association Wilkes-Barre, PA Cheerleading
14 $92 raised
Fire House Gym - Heatwave McHenry, IL Cheerleading
5 $81 raised
HMS Cheerleaders Hudson, NC Cheerleading
1 $73 raised
C&M Reign Oklahoma City, OK Cheerleading
10 $67 raised
Milton Competition Cheerleading Milton, PA Cheerleading
1 $63 raised

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