Fundraising for Football

Football players and teams have expenses like field rentals, gear, tournament fees, travel expenses and other costs. See how other teams are raising money for their football clubs and players with our easy fundraising idea.

Most Funded

Boston Raiders Capital Campaign Boston, MA Football
34 $4,284 raised
Gage Sales Evansville, IN Football
1 $2,007 raised
USA ALL THE WAY Philadelphia , PA Football
2 $1,870 raised
Luke's dream to play for the USA National Football Team Sachse, TX Football
14 $1,434 raised
CS Vikings Football and Cheer - PWLS Colorado Springs, CO Football
12 $1,355 raised
Jake's USA Game Lemont, IL Football
1 $1,300 raised

Football Heroes

William Watkins

William W.


FlipGive allowed our to team to expand our network beyond our local community. This allowed supporters in other states to provide financial support that normally would not. This means of fundraising gave us a wider net of funders. Thank you for your support of youth sports. 

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Popular Now

Scoreboard Seattle, WA Football
1 $1,076 raised
TJ Cooper Buford, GA Football
1 $1,043 raised
Jackson's USA Football Camp Tracy, CA Football
1 $1,015 raised
USA Football - International Bowl VIII Homewood, IL Football
2 $970 raised
Isaiah Powell-Major Elkridge, MD Football
6 $858 raised
USA International Football Frisco, TX Football
4 $828 raised
Mike Reemts - USA Football National Team Celina, TX Football
18 $783 raised
Luke's US National Football Dream Team Bishop, CA Football
1 $750 raised
Ballers Flag Football Tournament Travel Las Vegas, NV Football
1 $600 raised
Team Alaimalo - Regionals Pearl City, HI Football
16 $595 raised
Summit NJ HS Football Summit, NJ Football
45 $578 raised
Ike Baker: USA National Football 14U Orleans, IN Football
5 $577 raised
daniel smithey Jacksonville, FL Football
1 $557 raised
Flagstaff Rangers Football Flagstaff, AZ Football
3 $556 raised
USA Development Football Camp Appleton, WI Football
1 $550 raised
NDBG Football Parents Club Bethlehem, PA Football
24 $530 raised
Football Camps || Freshman Football Elk Grove, CA Football
1 $512 raised
Pearl city paniolos Pearl City, HI Football
8 $455 raised
USA Football Team Bowie, MD Football
1 $419 raised
The New C-Meck Falcon's Charlotte, NC Football
1 $400 raised
USA Football Cedar Park, TX Football
2 $400 raised
SLC Varsity Football Program Colton, NY Football
4 $381 raised
Parker Thomas Huntington Beach, CA Football
1 $379 raised
Junior Bees Rogers, TX Football
2 $374 raised

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