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Most Funded

Whitby Warriors Novice 1 Lacrosse Whitby, ON Lacrosse
27 $1,244 raised
Livermore Phantom Lacrosse Club Livermore, CA Lacrosse
2 $554 raised
EAST Lacrosse 2015-16 Lacrosse
22 $531 raised
Comstock Park Youth Lacrosse Comstock Park, MI Lacrosse
4 $469 raised
Walter Johnson Girls Lacrosse Bethesda, MD Lacrosse
23 $397 raised
Hanover Women's Lacrosse Mechanicsville, VA Lacrosse
22 $350 raised

Lacrosse Heroes

Jack U.

Jack U.

$11,088 raised

Our boys have been dreaming of competing in Cooperstown since most of them could hold a bat. The money we raised through FlipGive will help make their dreams come true. Our friends and family have so generously supported our team through this fundraiser and we are so thankful. Fundraising has never been easier! We far exceeded our expectations with very little effort.

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Popular Now

Centennial Knights Roswell, GA Lacrosse
12 $305 raised
BHS Boys Lax Bellingham, MA Lacrosse
1 $257 raised
Brotherly Love Tournament of Champions Avondale, PA Lacrosse
1 $231 raised
Heartland Area Lacrosse (HALO) Ankeny, IA Lacrosse
8 $200 raised
Claremont Lacrosse Academy Victoria, BC Lacrosse
1 $197 raised
Conestoga Girls Lacrosse Berwyn, PA Lacrosse
11 $185 raised
Serra Men's Lacrosse San Diego, CA Lacrosse
1 $179 raised
Ballston Spa Girls Lacrosse Ballston Spa, NY Lacrosse
16 $167 raised
GLA Coach and Player Development Program Fundraiser Ottawa, ON Lacrosse
1 $155 raised
Lane Tech Girls Lacrosse Chicago, IL Lacrosse
11 $148 raised
Cornell College Women's Lacrosse Mount Vernon, IA Lacrosse
10 $119 raised
Hayfield Boys Lacrosse Alexandria, VA Lacrosse
8 $115 raised
Memorial Tiger Lacrosse Evansville, IN Lacrosse
21 $99 raised
Perryville Girls Lacrosse Perryville, MD Lacrosse
2 $83 raised
Owasso Rams Lacrosse Team 2026-2027 Owasso, OK Lacrosse
6 $77 raised
Lincoln Lacrosse Association Waverly, NE Lacrosse
11 $74 raised
Norco High Boys Lacrosse Corona, CA Lacrosse
1 $61 raised
Tech Valley Lacrosse Albany, NY Lacrosse
14 $43 raised
Welland Raiders Lacrosse Welland, ON Lacrosse
2 $39 raised
Newberg Youth Lacrosse Newberg, OR Lacrosse
4 $30 raised
New Buzz Laxers Mississauga, ON Lacrosse
1 $28 raised
Oakville Minor Lacrosse Association Oakville, ON Lacrosse
34 $25 raised
Lee High Boys Lacrosse Springfield, VA Lacrosse
3 $10 raised
Chaos 2025 McKinney, TX Lacrosse
4 $5 raised

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