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Fundraising Doesn't Have To Suck

by Alam Song
Fundraising Doesn't Have To Suck

P ermission to speak truthfully? Fundraising is tough. Mostly because it takes so much time away from the other ten thousand important things on your giant to-do list. As a Team Funding Coach, I’ve spoken with hundreds of parents who have at some point tried every fundraiser out there, which I have no doubt you can relate to as well. To name a few:

Enter FlipGive, a team funding app that earns you cash for the things you’re already buying. With team and family favorites like Walmart, Esso™/Mobil™, Hotels.com, Nike and Under Armour all you have to do is continue to buy the things you need. You can earn cash for things like groceries, hotel stays, eating out, gas etc.

We’re free to use, and whenever your team is ready we simply cut you a check to put towards your team’s needs like tournaments or equipment fees. FlipGive has helped teams all over North America raise over $20M.

Time is an expensive currency that you can’t get back, so let your kids focus on the game and stop selling chocolates to strangers.