A beginner's guide to get the most out of FlipGive


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

by Alam Song
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

F lipgive is most effective when the whole team joins in. We’ve found that the most successful teams got everyone together after practice and downloaded the app and tested it out to see how it works and the brands that they could shop with.

Every team has a unique invite code listed under the team members section of the app. We provide you with email and social tools to share this code with others. When they sign up with FlipGive they simply need to enter this code and they will be automatically added to the team.

When inviting your teammates often they will have questions about the program. Here are the common questions you might get asked and how to address them:

Q: Is FlipGive only for sports teams?

A: We’re inclusive of all organizations that need team funding like schools, art programs, church groups, non-profit organizations and even families looking to save money for their next big trip!

Q: Who should I invite to my FlipGive team?

A: Anyone who will benefit from the funds raised for your team i.e., parents of the players. They will motivated to shop using FlipGive to earn cash back throughout the season. Colleagues, relatives and friends can help by making a donation.

Q: How much does it cost for our team to use FlipGive?

A: A whopping $0.00. FlipGive is absolutely free to use! You keep every penny you earn through FlipGive.

Q: How does FlipGive make money?

A: Brands on our site pay FlipGive a commission for sending you their way and we share that commission with your team.

Q: Do you have any helpful resources I can share with my team?

A: We have a printable startup guide that you can share with your team.