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10 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts For Kids

Jan 26 2018

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Want to involve your kids in the cutest holiday of the year but not sure how to do it? We've got our top Valentine's Day gifts for your kids and their friends. The best part? Your team earns cash back everytime you share the love:

1. TY Beanie Boos

We love these adorable plush beanie baby toys that come in Valentine's Day colors. These toys are a simple way to celebrate the holiday with your kids without spending a lot of cash, and they'll be able to add it to their collection. Get them here


2. DIY Kids Valentine's Day Cards

One of the most adorable ways we've seen to do some DIY with your Valentine's cards! These coloring book style cards are an adorable way to include your kids in Valentine's festivities without things getting too messy, and add a personal touch for when you want to send some love. Get them here and earn cash back for your team!


3. Colors of Love Coloring Book

A great Valentine's Day activity, have your kids color in pages from this adorable book and sign them. They can use them in Valentine's Day gifts to friends, or put them up around your house for some V-day decor. Get it here. 


4. Be Mine Pouch

This pouch is a great Valentine's Gift because it can be used all year round. It's a great carrying pouch for sleepover toiletries, can be used as a change purse, or as a pencil case. Get it here


5. Kids Love Sweater

Perfect for Valentine's Day and winter weather, this LOVE sweater is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, the perfect combination of softness and stretch. Even though it's Valentine's Day themed, this sweater is so subtle, your kids can wear it to school for the rest of the year. Available in sizes 3-11 years. Get it here.


6. Mommy and Me Matching Valentine's Day Tees

This one is a great gift for your kids (and, let's be honest, for you). Match with your favorite kiddo for Valentine's Day in these Mommy and Me best friend tees. Perfect as PJs, these come in a variety of colors and styles to match you and your mini-me. Get it here

7. Hearts Crayons

How adorable are these hear crayons for Valentine's? Paired up with the Colors Of Love coloring book, these make a Valentine's Day gift that can be used any time of year. Get it here


8. Ninja Valentine's Day Cards

These customizable Ninja Valentine's Day cards are a super easy way to do class Valentine's for school. You have the option to customize the sender, to all you have to do is fill out the "to" and you're good to go. Get it here


9. Children's Sparkle Sunglasses 

Sparkle sunglasses are a great gift for kids to give to their friends for Valentine's. They're inexpensive, so you can purchase them in bulk without breaking the bank. Get it here


10. Valentine's Day Candy


A classic Valentine's Day gift, these M&M Valentine's Day themed candies are a super cute and easy way to celebrate the holiday with kids. Put them in lunchboxes, or give them a few bags to hand out to their friends at school. Get it here. 


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