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10 gifts Mom Will Remember Forever

May 01 2019

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Mother's Day is coming up and it’s time to thank Mom for being the best player on your team. Whether it’s for being your #1 cheerleader or the person that keeps your life together, show mom how much she means to you with these 10 thoughtful gifts she'll love,  that also earn cash for your team.

Shop our edit of gifts that not only reward the most important woman in your life but your team as well.


lululemon yoga pants

Shop lululemon (gives 2% back)

We all know that one of Mom’s favorite things in the entire world is her pair of yoga pants. Whether it’s to do some yoga, relax at home or drive the kids to practice, she’ll love this pair from lululemon. And who are we kidding, who doesn’t?


"I love you mom" book

Shop Walmart for USA (gives up 3% back), Shop Indigo for Canada (gives up to 15%)

It’s common knowledge, nothing gets moms as much as words coming from the heart. This book is perfect to share stories, memories, and feelings with mom. Tears guaranteed 100%.


Anthropologie super mom shirt 

Shop Anthropologie (gives 10%)

Moms are our superheroes and they love to be reminded of it. If your mom loves to dress casual and make a statement with her wardrobe, this Super Mom shirt from Anthropologie is perfect for her!


Anthropologie portable mug

Shop Anthropologie (gives 10%)

Three truths about most moms: 1. Coffee is life. 2. They are always on the go. 3. That’s why most moms will love this portable mug.

Kate Spade Mom Bracelet 

Shop at Macy's for USA (gives 10%), Shop at Amazon.ca for Canada (gives up to 7%)

What do most moms have in common? They love a delicate piece of jewelry. Kate Spade is always one of mom's favorite and we can understand why because we want it all.


"Becoming" by Michelle Obama

Shop Walmart for USA (gives up 3% back), Shop Indigo for Canada (gives up to 15%)

Can you think of a more badass mom than Michelle Obama? Neither can we. Our team preaches by her new autobiography “ Becoming”, and we are sure your Mom will be obsessed as well.


Mom Time! 

Shop Groupon (gives up to 10% back)

We always include that one but let’s be real, what mom doesn’t love a relaxing day for herself? Manicures, spa day, pedicures, baths, massages, facials: Mom gets her me time, your team gets up to 10% back.


Tactcha Bestsellers Set 

Shop Sephora (gives 3% back)

The #1 mom deserves the #1 skin care. Our hearts (and wallets) are set on this Tatcha Kit that includes all the brand’s best sellers.


Gift Cards

Shop our gift card collection (up to 15% back) 

Never know what to get for Mom? Gift cards from our collection are always a quick fix. Not only do we offer great brands such as Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Macy’s (USA only), Amazon.ca (Canada only) but they also earn BIG for your team.

Happy Mother's Day FlipGivers! 


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