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10 Last-Minute Gifts that Dad Will Love

Jun 10 2019

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Father’s Day is only a few days away and if you haven’t shopped for dad yet, we got you with the best collection of last-minute options. Sports lover Dad, movie go-er Dad or foodie Dad: No matter what your dad is into, there is something for him on FlipGive.

With these last-minute Father’s Day gift card ideas, you’ll be able to get your present for Dad NOW, and up to 10% back for your team.


Starbucks Card

Shop Starbucks Card (gives 3%)

What Dad doesn’t go to Starbucks? Make his week brighter with his favorite drink at Starbucks with a Starbucks Card. It. Always. Works.  

Nike Gift Card 

Shop Nike for USA only (gives 5% back)

If there is one thing all Dads have in common, it's their love for comfort. And Nike is most likely on the top of their list when it comes to cool sneakers and comfy pair of sweatpants. 


 Shop AMC for USA (gives 2% back), Shop Cineplex for Canada (gives 3% back)

Dad is always so busy, he has probably not been to the movies in ages. Surprise him with a family outing at the movies (and let him pick obviously) and lots and lots of pop-corn!


GameStop Gift Card 


Shop GameStop for USA (gives 3% back)

For the dads that are still kids at heart, the GameStop Gift Card is your best bet. From games to consoles, you will win his heart over with a GameStop Gift Card. Pro Tip: Why not buying a game that you can all play together on games’ night?


Lowe's Gift Card

Shop Lowe's for USA only (gives 3% back)

Some Dads love to do some crafts around the house. If your Dad loves to Garden, BBQ or work on improving the house, he'll love to receive a Lowe's Gift Card.  


Buffalo Wild Wings

Shop Buffalo Wild Wings (gives 10% in Canada, 9% in USA)

Does Dad love a night out with friends? Sports, Beer and Wings? The Buffalo Wild Wings is an all-time winner on FlipGive, Dad approved all the way. 


Dine out! 


Shop The Ultimate Dining Card for Canada (gives 7% back), Shop Texas Roadhouse for USA (gives 7% back) 

We all know the best combo for Father’s Day is family and great food! Bring Dad out for a fun night together at a nice restaurant (we got plenty of those!).


Amazon Gift Card


Shop Amazon.ca for Canada only (gives 1.5% back)

“I don’t need anything on Amazon”, said no Dad ever. This one is a no-brainer because just like every dad, chances are his Amazon cart is already filled up with things he needs. 


ESSO Mobil Card


Shop ESSO for Canada (gives 2% back), Shop Exxon Mobil Gas for USA (gives 1% back)

What do sports parents ALWAYS need? Sleep, some extra time to make it to all the games and... gas gift cards. 

Gap Gift Card

Shop Gap Gift Card (gives 4% back)

Does he need a wardrobe refresh? Give him a subtle hint with a gift card from Gap (preppy chinos, here we come!). After all, the brand is known to be loved by all Dads! 

There you have our top 10 last-minute gifts, FlipGivers. Didn't find what you were looking for? Check out our Father's Day Gift Guide, you'll find great gift card options as well as amazing restaurants that will make his day extra special.

What is your Dad's Favorite gift card FlipGivers?  


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