15 Back to School Hacks to Keep Your Family Organized

July 17 2020

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 Nothing says a fresh new beginning like a new school year. As we dive into a different day-to-day routine after practicing social distancing for months at home, there are a lot of things to things about before class is in session. These A+ back to school hacks will ensure responsible routines, better time management and a well organized home for every member of your family.


 Every busy sports family loves a Family Calendar as it is the best way to get the whole crew on the same page with upcoming events, tournaments, birthdays (we all know what it's like to show up at practice at the wrong time or place). The best thing? There are endless amount of options to choose from such as white boards, chalk boards, vinyl boards and more. 

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A master family wall is ideal to centralize all the day-to-day things your family needs in one place. Hook your weekly to-do lists, meals menus, family chores plans, calendars, important information and you are ready to go! 


Having multiple kids' schedules to handle can be a hassle, especially when you add a sports calendar on top of everything else. That's when a children homework center comes handy. Dedicate a board per child and hang all of their scholar events, deadlines as well as their sports activities to keep track of the things that matter most on a monthly basis.



Home Schooling taught us that it's important to create a quiet study space for our kids to ace their school year. Build a homework station with a desk, a comfortable chair, a task lamp, note pads and stickers, a board, organizers, and other accents to make it as personal and cozy as possible. 

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Label Everything. Once you've organized everything, it's important that things actually stay organized. Labels are a super easy (and cheap) way to be more productive and have things in order. Label the kid's supplies as well as their homework station, the pantry baskets, closet organizers and you are set!

Source: https://www.intentionaledit.com/organized-craft-closet/


Meal prepping can be tricky in the mornings and make you loose time. Optimize your routine with food organizers, healthy snack stations and lunch container cupboard. Your future self will thank you. 

source: iheartorganizing


Never know what to cook for dinner? Save time and grocery runs with a meal board. Planning all of your dinners ahead will make your week nights easier and allow everyone to know when it's time for family time.  

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Your home can change big time when you add smart devices such as the Amazon Echo Dot Kid's Edition. It's perfect to develop routines as it wakes them up, tells them to brush their teeth, let them know the weather and more. 


Organize your car backseat! Calling all sports parents, we know your car can get to be really messy (at least ours is) but putting some order can make your morning drive to school smoother. Get backseat organizers and place all of their essentials such as snacks, games, tissues, entertainment devices and other school essentials

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Don't forget about the truck! Every sport parent has driven their kid to practice and spent a good amount of time looking for equipment in the truck at least once. Investing in truck organizers will be a game changer as it will save you time, space and stress.

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Teaching your kids to plan their weekly outfits ahead will save you time in the morning and avoid the " I don't know what to wear" dilemma. This trick is super easy as you can get these closet organizers pretty much everywhere at a very affordable price. 

source: Better Homes and Gardens


Create a daily checklist with a morning routine and a night routine that the little ones will follow every day. This is great to teach them to create their own day-to-day cadence and be independent as they grow older. 

source: cupcakediariesblog.com


Create a homework station. What is more annoying than finding school supplies all around the house? Carve out a dedicated spot and make homework time simpler with a cart and a few storage baskets to organize all of their markers, craft materials, pencils, notebooks and other school essentials. 

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Setting everyone on a sleeping schedule will not only save you time in the mornings, but it will also make sure your little ones are rested to give the best at school. 

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