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15 Work-from-Home Essentials for Your Home Office

Mar 19 2020

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Social distancing oblige, many families are now working from home and are getting used to a new work environment. Between your kids and the home tasks, you know it can be quite challenging to stay on track and get things done efficiently. We've gathered a list of essentials that will make your working from home situation as efficient, fun and easy as it can get. Get the work done and order these items online with FlipGive. No need to go out, just stay in and wait for delivery.

Keep it neat with organizers 

It's easier to have a clear mind and keep things going when everything is the right place. We love to keep it clean with this Acrylic storage from Anthropologie. 

Acrylic Bloc Collection Desk Storage at Anthropologie (gives 10% back) 

Get organized with planners and deskpads 

At FlipGive, many of us love to keep it old school and write everything down in a planner. To-do lists are a great way to keep things focused and efficient. When things are all done, nothing feels better than seeing how productive you've been throughout the day. 

Mirabelle Deskpad at Anthropologie (gives 10% back) 

Keep it all together with a monitor stand  

There's nothing we love more than a clean desk, a monitor stand is one of our top hacks to have direct access to our most used belongings. 

Monitor Stand at Wayfair (gives 5% back)

Keep the reminders on a memo board 

Another great way to have things in check is to lay it all out on a memo board. Pro-tip: Add a calendar to the mix to have a direct view of the next weeks to come. 

Memo Board at Wayfair (gives 5% back)

Gear up on Hardware Essentials

Most people work on a laptop and while it's great for convenience reasons, it is not always the most practical thing when you are juggling with multiple windows and tasks. A second monitor can make a great difference in your day to day routine. 

HP Z27 27-inch 4K UHD Display at HP (gives up to 10% back)

Keep it homey with cozy furniture

Just because you are turning your home into your office, doesn't mean it needs to be boring. Add cozy accents like throw pillows, fuzzy blankets, and aesthetically pleasing chairs. 

Desk chair at Wayfair (gives 5% back)

Print things that matter 

While most companies keep their work digital, it's always nice to have access to important documents in paper. If you are the one person in the office that loves printing, this is a must for you. 


HP Office Jet Printer at Staples (gives 2% back for USA, 1.5% back for Canada)

Light it up

If you are missing the lighting of the day, try this light therapy lamp - it mimics the sun natural lighting.

SAD Therapy Lamp at Urban Outfitters (gives 2.5% back)

Start the day right with coffee

Some of us need coffee to keep going throughout the day. Make it at home with the best french press coffee maker and your day is set to be energized to keep things going.

French Press Coffee Maker at Bodum (gives 8% back)

Create your own workspace

It's important to separate your work space from your family space. Not only it will help you to be more productive, but it will help you to keep your house organized. 

LumiSource Luster Office Desk at Houzz for USA (gives up to 7% back), Amazon for Canada (gives up to 4% back)

Tune out with headphones

We all love our kids and significant others, but sometimes we need space in order to stay focused on our tasks and complete all the work that needs to be done. Headphones are a great way to be in the work zone, especially when they noise cancel everything around you. 

Beats Studio3 Wireless at Apple (gives 2% back) 

Set up the mood

Moods can be down when working from home for long, find your own mood boosters. Wether it be plants, music or accent lightning. We love to add air diffusers to our space to keep things fresh. 

Vitruvi Air Diffuser at Anthropologie (gives 10% back) 


Spice things up with candles 

The great thing about having a work from home situation is that you can personalize it as much as you want. Get accents that will lift your mood up like candles, flowers, pictures, motivational quotes. The world is your oyster! 

Voluspa Candles at Anthropologie (gives 10% back) 

Don't forget to hydrate 

While it's easy to get caught up in work, it's important to take the breaks you need throughout the day to eat and drink water. Having a fun water bottle makes it easier to stay accountable. 

Stainless steel water bottle at Macy's (gives 2% back) for USA, Indigo for Canada (gives up to 2.5% back)

Take care of yourself 

It's inevitable, our movements are going to be reduced but there are things we can do to keep exercicing and practicing mindfulness in our down time. Practice some yoga, meditate, do some workouts following youtube tutorials - whatever works to keep your mind at ease, do it. 

Reversible Mat at Lululemon (gives 4% back online) 

What are your working from home essentials FlipGivers? 



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