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4 Ways To Play Together at Home

May 01 2020

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If there is one thing that quarantine has taught us all during the past month, it's that finding new ways to keep the kids entertained at home can be challenging. However, quarantine doesn't have to be boring. It has taught us that there has never been a better time to find new ways to connect with each other. Now is the time for us to spend more time as a family and set new traditions that are going to stick around after we all resume our lives normally. That is the reason why we've come up with four easy and fun activities to do indoors that both kids and adults will love. 

Learn Something New  

Who said learning can’t be fun? This extra free time is the perfect opportunity to try something that you have never done before and always wanted to do, and involve the entire crew all at once. Take the challenge seriously and gather everyone to focus on learning a specific task during an afternoon, you can even form teams and compete against each other to make it more fun. From crafts, to sports, to cooking, you'll love these ideas so much you will want to make it a weekly workshop:

  • Learn a workout routine - This Pop Sugar family workout is ideal for both adults and kids. 
  • Step up your baking game - If you love baking, involve the whole team to try these fun and simple recipe from Delish. 
  • Have fun and experiment with slime - Get scientific and create slime from scratch with this easy tutorial
  • Listen to a family podcast - Podcasts don't always have to be a grown up thing, this list of family podcasts is perfect to get started. 
  • Get educated together with a documentary - Give one of these family friendly documentary a watch. If you love sports and the NBA, he highly recommend Hoop Dreams.  
  • Compete against each other with easy and fun DIY crafts 

Throw a Game Night

Games Night is a classic that never fails. Create a new tradition and commit one day a week to spend an entire evening to play all types of games together. Make sure everyone’s phones are off, bring out everyone's favorite snacks and experiment what works best for you with new games every week. Here are our go-to options for FlipGive game nights:

Have a Dance Party

One of our top activities to do on our off-time at FlipGive is a good old dance party. Many of us have tested it and approved it during this quarantine as it turns out to be a great stress reliever and mood booster. Move the furniture around, blast your favorite dance playlist and don't be afraid to jam with some crazy moves. If your family is really into music, you’ll love the following tools and games to get the party going at home: 

  • Itunes Music - A crowd favorite for streaming music and have great dance parties. We always love to play the All day dance party and Happy Hits playlists at full blast. 
  • Spotify - We are also big fans of Spotify as it has a wide range of signature playlists for all kinds of dance parties. Our fave playlists are Kid's Dance Party, Mood Booster and Pop Party
  • Just Dance 2020 - If your family is competitive, you will love battling against each other on popular tunes such as Baby Shark, 7 Rings by Ariana Grande, and Bad Guy by Billie Eilish.
  • Just Dance Now- The #1 dance app available on both the App Store and Google Play. You will be able to learn full choreographies on songs from all kinds of genres.  
  • Tik Tok - If you are late to the Tik Tok party, you need to join ASAP. Nothing is more fun than challenge the entire family to learn a choreography. Our favorite Tik Tok dances are “Say So” by Doja Cat, "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd and "Oh Nanana" by Dj 6RB and Bonde R300.

Indoor Trainings 

We all miss watching our kids practice the sport they love the most, but just because our seasons are paused doesn’t mean we have to stop playing indoors. Get the whole family in for a game and compete against each other. Not only it will help them stay in shape for when their season resume but it's also fun to all be involved in playing the sport they play. Since we are all staying home, there is some amazing free content by sport to help you keep your game up during quarantine:

What are your best activities to do indoors FlipGivers? 


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