5 Super Helpful Football Training Videos

March 29 2016

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Searching for training videos can be tricky, but once you find some that you like, they usually 

have more than one video. Here are 5 training videos for different age groups so you can begin 

to understand how they build on one another from the Pop Warner level up to the NFL level of 


1. ­ Effective Tackling Techniques by MyFootballMentor

This YouTube channel is great for kids because they have all sorts of videos for youth football 

drills. The instructors are thorough and show kids performing the drills as they explain what’s 

happening. In this particular training video, the instructor broke down a tackle into a few key 

steps, why each step is important, and how safety plays a big part in proper technique.

He discusses the components of a proper stance, the actions and mechanics of a proper tackle, 

and how to burst through the target with head and arms up to wrap up the opponent and stop 

their progress. Pretty good coach, but definitely worth checking out more from this channel.

2. ­ QB Throwing Motion by Derrick Ware

In this video Coach Ware is working on a mechanical problem with his quarterback. First, he 

shows the game film of the problem, and describes what he believes to be the issue. Next, he 

shows a game film of his player using the proper technique and how much more effective his 

passing was the year before, so he is capable of the proper mechanics.

Finally, he showed a video of Drew Brees using the correct mechanics and demonstrating the 

correct arm/elbow throwing position, proper foot position, and the proper way to follow through 

with the pass. This coach knows how to build confidence with positive reinforcement, and 

emphasizing proper technique. He now has his own set of formal training videos for kids.

3. ­ Principles of Power: 40 Yard Dash by overtimeathletes

The coach in this short video discusses the importance of your starting stance for the 40­yard 

dash, which is probably the most important drill scouts and coaches look at in try­outs and 

combines. Here he keeps things very simple and is clearly explaining this drill for kids. His focus 

is on a few simple mechanics, which he demonstrates very clearly, starting with the set up of 

your stance, to getting off to an explosive start, and finishing with proper breathing techniques 

and how to pump your arms correctly through the dash. This is a good introduction to football 

training videos for kids looking to start improving their skills in preparation for high school.

4. ­ Velocity NFL Combine Training: Hill Run/Explosive Start Combo by Stack

This practical and technical video really worked. Straight to the point, simple demonstration by 

the athletes, and good explanations of the mechanics by the coach. The principles of velocity in 

combine training are applying maximum force to the ground as quickly as possible while driving 

forward with your arms. An incline forces the athlete to drive the balls of their feet into the 

ground to fight gravity and move up the hill. After repeating the drill several times on the hill, 

they move back to the track and demonstrate the drill’s effectiveness. This is one of many 

football training videos available by Stack.

5. ­ NFL Combine Trainer: 40 Yard Dash by bodybuilding.com

By far this was the most advanced YouTube channel for football training videos. It is very clear 

that they are targeting college level athletes looking for an edge to help them at the NFL 

Combine, should they be invited.

This one breaks the 40­yard dash into eight drills all focusing on the goal of perfecting absolute 

speed mechanics, which is a circular motion of the legs, and not a piston motion. These drills 

are fast, and very technical, much too advanced for youth football athletes. Great channel for 

collegiate athletes, and good for kids to see how far they can go with football training.

Finding the right instructor or channel to subscribe to for your football training videos can be fun 

and rewarding. Check these videos out, and find one that is right for you, and your athletic 



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