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5 Ideas to Keep The House Organized

Apr 17 2020

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We are all at home these days and with the entire family indoors, things tend to get disorganized very quickly. However, there has never been a better time to take things in hand and work some magic organization tricks around the house to make it ultra-tidy. Following these amazing tips by experts for tidying spaces — your closet, garage, messy areas around the house, patios, and more. We promise you'll love them all. 

How to organize messy areas around the house 

Some areas around the house always seem to get cluttered really fast. We are talking entryways, pantries, closets & under-sink cabinets. The Weekender shares her expert DIY organization tips for getting things tidy. 

22 small closet organization ideas 

Organizing our closets can seem like a scary (and expensive) mission, but the good news is there is no need to break the bank to get everything sorted nicely. Get to work with some dressers drawers, storage bins, closet installations, storage bins, and more.

4 easy design ideas for small patios

Have you always dreamt of a patio makeover but need some inspo? You'll love these 4 easy patio design ideas that can fit in almost any outdoor space.

How to organize a garage

Junk can very easily pile up in garages, but you can also turn the space into a storage haven with the following tips from Lowe's. The Weekender shows us how to crush your garage game with easy organization ideas for tools, bikes, sports equipment and more.

How to organize kid's toys, artwork, games & more

It's no secret that things can get quite messy when the kids are at home all the time, which is why we love these simple tricks to organize their space. This video will show you how to sort craft supplies in bins and mason jars, how to display their homework and artwork, video games storage, cool ways to decorate and organize their playspace and more. 

What are your organization secrets, FlipGivers? 


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