7 Ways to Show Mom You Care

April 20 2020

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and due to the current circumstances, we are all pushed to think outside of the box to celebrate at home. This year feels different for many of us, we are learning to enjoy the moment present like never before and appreciate the time we spend together more. That's why we've got 7 of our favorite - and most novel - ways to show mom you care, even if you can't be there.

Spa plans are pretty much cancelled at the time being, it doesn’t mean you can’t set up the perfect day of pampering at home. Start by setting the mood: clean the house, get the kids to craft a cute coupon and bring the typical spa ambiance to life with the characteristic calming music, candles, tempered lights and relaxing scents such as eucalyptus. Then, prepare face and hair masks, a hot bubble bath, foot soaks and treat her to a massage or a pedicure if you feel adventurous. She will love the time out and self-care time.  [collection id="364"]

2. Win her heart with her favorite meal

This one is a classic and a no-brainer because as you all know, good food is always a winner. Mothers everywhere are probably cooking a lot more now that we have to be at home, so involve the kids and get to work together to surprise her with a homemade meal. Breakfast in bed is a classic, but if you feel like going further prepare a feast with all of her favorite food (cake and chocolate have to be included of course). Some restaurants are still doing home deliveries, so if you are not a master chef you can always order in and surprise her with whatever she is craving. [collection id="1331"]

3. Gear her up to crush her workouts 

Many moms are killing it with home workouts during quarantine. If yours has been saying that she’d like to get started or step up her routine, now is the time to get her everything she needs to do so. Create a workout starter kit to motivate her with essentials like a fresh new outfit, health tracking devices and any other training items she might need. Our active women at FlipGive love the Apple Watch, Lululemon yoga pants and reversible mat, Under Armour Fleece hoodies and Nike sneakers. [collection id="1403"]

4. Build a self-care basket 

We can all use a good mood booster during this time and we all have a list of things that comfort us in difficult moments. Think of all the little things she loves most and that instantly make her feel better. Books from her favorite author, a fuzzy blanket, her favorite comfort food, a beauty product from her favorite cosmetic brand, her favorite candles or scent, a subscription to her favorite app, supplies for her favorite craft, and maybe a bottle or two of wine. Get it all and build a cute customized basket. The kids can also contribute with artworks, thoughtful cards and decorations. [collection id="1401"]

5. Bring everyone together on an online meet 

It's natural for her to miss their family and friends during this time apart. Fortunately, there are tons of great tools to stay connected with one and another nowadays. Try a new phone, tablet or laptop, and set a surprise meet with the all she people she cares about the most on applications such as Zoom or Google meet. She'll love to feel surrounded on her big day, and this is a good way to set new traditions with the family. This option is perfect if you can't be physically there for Mother's Day but still want to surprise her with your presence. [collection id="1404"]

6. Organize a surprise movie night 

When was the last time that anyone went to the movies? One of our favorite things to do with the family during this quarantine is to watch countless movies back to back. Be extra and make it exciting by simulating a movie theatre experience at home. Set up the ambiance with printed tickets, string lights, tons of pillows, fuzzy blankets, a movie projector screen and home theatre speaker. You can even make it a theme night with costumes and specific meals. Don't forget she is the queen of the night and select all of her favorite movies as well as the snacks she loves the most. We promise you will love this option so much that you'll make it a recurring event. [collection id="1402"]

7. Treat her with her favorite gift card.

If the options above won't suit, or the lady in your life prefers to choose her own gifts - we’ve got good news! Nothing gives the same gifting freedom as gift cards, and we’ve got all of the top brands in store that we know she secretly (or not-so secretly) wants. Get her a selection of her faves so that she can treat herself with online shopping, and skip the gift receipt. [collection id="654"]

How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year, FlipGivers? 

FlipGive Team

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.