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7 Ways to be a Great Sports Parent - From Parents Like You

Jan 17 2019

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We all know that being a sports parent is a full-time job on its own. But what differentiates a good sports parent from a great sports parent? We asked FlipGivers to share what they learned along the way and here is what they told us. 

“Making sure my kids are prepared to play” - Maria, M

Your kids need way more than equipment to be successful at sports. As parents, it is our duty to make sure they have gotten all the hours of sleep, healthy diets, school work and balanced lifestyle they need to deliver on the field. On a deeper level, it is important to develop their sense of commitment and responsibility to attend every single practice and game. Being prepared to play also means that they have to understand the importance of the commitment they made to their team.

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“Making sure my kids take more away from their sports than just a medal or trophy.” - Heather N

Sports can teach so many great life lessons to our kids. Good sportsmanship. Respect. Hard Work. Passion. Teamwork. Good attitude. The list goes on. As parents, we are partly responsible for how they view sports and it is essential to teach them that the journey is more important than the final outcome.

“Losing and failure are ok and a part of the process.” - Coleen C

Failing is part of life. It will inevitably happen in their lives, whether we want it or not. But as much as losing sucks, it is part of the great lessons that sports will teach our kids. Being a successful parent means celebrating the victories, but also the losses. Losses are good. There will always be something they can learn from it and teach them to be graceful independently of the outcome. While victories define talented players, knowing how to lose is what truly defines a great player.

“Supporting her in whatever sport she wants to do, even if it's not mine” - Christine J

Always ask yourself these questions: Are my kids playing the sport they want to play or are they playing the sport I want them to play? Are they having fun? Sometimes it is hard to see that your kids don’t have the same aspirations/dreams as you do and sometimes sport parents commit the mistake to push their kids to play a sport they don’t necessarily love. Ask them questions. Let them know you will support them no matter what they decide to play. That is the best way to see your kids reach their full potential in sports (and life!).

Showing her I am a classy fan and teaching her to be a classy player.  - Leah T

If you, yourself, are a good model in front of your kids and show them that you are respectful to others, they will emulate that behavior with their teammates, coaches, and opponents. It is also great to show them to be an active participant in the team’s life (activities, fundraising) and to understand that being a great player goes together with being a great person.

Be their #1 cheerleader & comforter - MaryAnn E

Reminder: You are their parent, not their coach. Being a great sports parent comes with showing up at games and being their number 1 fan. Your job is to take the pressure off their shoulders and leave the coaching/correcting to the coaches. Celebrate each improvement like a victory, comfort them whenever they fail and make their mistakes. Let them have fun always and provide the love they need to keep on playing the sport they love.

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