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Band of Heroes: HP Provides Innovative Solutions And Technology To Support Local Communities Throughout COVID-19

Jun 05 2020

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It's a new week of #BandofHeroes, where we love to celebrate positive news from our partners in response to the on-going Coronavirus Pandemic. This week's hero is always coming up with creative ways to support both families and businesses when it comes to technology - and nothing is more important in our current world than access to the technology that connects us. Read on to know more about the series of initiatives that HP has come up with to help fight COVID-19.

Donating $8 Million in products and grants to support blended learning and local communities impacted by COVID-19 worldwide

The HP Foundation has donated $1 million to support affected communities with critical medical supplies, and is committing an additional $2 million in grants for COVID-19 relief. HP has also committed to distribute $5 million in product donations including laptops, printers, displays, and paper, to help Education, SMB and Healthcare entities in communities in need around the world. Additionally, HP is also partner up with the Global Business Coalition for Education to provide equipment to students impacted with schools closures with Comp-U-Dopt in Houston, Chicago and Dallas, and distributing new Chromebooks for Safe Horizon’s shelters, which support children living in domestic violence shelters in New York City.

Learn more here

Announcing the HP Turn to Learn program to deliver educational content to support teachers and students 

As schools remain closed due to COVID-19, parents, teachers and students have been thrust into a time of remote teaching and learning. Some students are lacking the connectivity or devices required to learn at home, the program aims to bridge this gap by delivering educational content curated from leading scientific, publishing and media companies. By converting digital content to printed booklets, all students will have equal access to materials focused on STEM ( Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and environmental topics. 

“A student’s right to education should not be contingent on where they live or their family’s income. We must find creative new ways for teachers and students to connect from a distance – because while this pandemic is creating hardship for so many around the world right now, we cannot afford to let it hold back the generation that will shape our future,” said Enrique Lores, HP President and CEO. 

Learn more here. 

3D Printing Parts To Help Contain Covid-19

HP’s global network of manufacturing partners is working to ensure that the 3D printed parts are available in any region around the world. More than 1000 3D printed parts have already been delivered to local hospitals.  HP’s 3D R&D centers in Europe and North America are collaborating with partners around the world in a coordinated effort to increase production to meet the most urgent needs.  Initial applications being validated and finalized for industrial production include face masks, face shields, mask adjusters, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers, and respirator parts. 

“HP and our digital manufacturing partners are working non-stop in the battle against this unprecedented virus. We are collaborating across borders and industries to identify the parts most in need, validate the designs, and begin 3D printing them,” said Enrique Lores, President and CEO, HP Inc. “Our deepest appreciation goes to our employees, partners, customers, and members of our community for their tireless efforts to support the medical professionals making a difference on the front lines.”

Learn more here. 

These are only a few new initiatives that HP is doing to respond to communities they serve during this time. To date, HP has also given over $70,000 to local youth sports teams in North America through FlipGive.


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