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Calculating the Perfect Season with FlipGive, U.S Edition

Feb 27 2020

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Hundreds of teams have become pros at raising BIG on FlipGive, we always get so many questions about how they do it. How can a team raise $3000 in a month? There is so much you can use FlipGive for, but let’s just start with the basics for today. Did you know that you could raise up to $4,170 a year when you bring at least 10 families on board with your team’s regular spending only? We are talking about things your team already spends money on like Gas to drive the kids to games, fresh gear, hotels bookings for tournaments and outings with the team. There is no magic to it, commit to the 4 things on this list and your team is set to win at earning cash like a pro. Bye Bye funky fundraisers, Hello FlipGive.

Driven to Play

Parents, you know the drill. If you have a car, driving the kids to their games - be it just your own children, or a team carpool - will eventually fall on your shoulders. While we all love and cherish the endless hours spent in the car, they cost us big:  the average driver fills up about 13 gallons of gas a week, that is a total of about 676 gallons of gas a year. If you use a Shell fuell Gift Card and rent a car for 3 days a year with Hertz, one person can earn $90 for their team just by driving as they usually do for the year. If all your team takes the time to get fuel gift cards and rent cars with FlipGive, that is $900 earned a season. 

Geared up to Play

Depending on how old your young athlete is, new gear can be a mandatory step on your check list. Well, no matter what sport your kids play we have tons of retailers that give back to your team and gear your athlete up to crush their season. Earn up to 10% at Under Armour, Nike, Dick's Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Modell's Sporting Goods and more! Gear up and you can earn an average of $50, that is $500 when a team of 10 members all shop with FlipGive. 

Away Game Ready

We all know one of the best parts of being a sports parent is attending games away from home. These are great moments to spend with the team and an amazing way for the kids to bond. After an exhausting day of play, a 5+ hour drive back home may not seem worth it. National competitions may even require your team to travel even further, making a hotel a necessity. A $500 per family budget for a room for 2 nights at Expedia - assuming you'll need one ten times a year - can net you $212 per family! That’s minimum $2120 when you all do it together

Celebrate With Your Team

Think about all the times your team gets together every year. Birthdays, post games celebrations at a restaurant or even just hanging out together at the movies. Earn 2% on an AMC Theatres Gift Card, and up to 10% on your next team meal. Try Buffalo Wild Wings, or Texas Roadhouse - they’re FlipGive’s favorite places to eat! That's $650 earned when everyone on your team eats 10 meals a season with gift cards from FlipGive. It's that delish? 

Potential earnings calculated may vary based on team size, budgets, and shopping activity. Give back from participating merchants, properties, or merchandise may vary.

This story is U.S specific, rates and merchants might vary for Canada.


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