Can You Get Cash Back With A Debit Card?

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By Daniel Phillips August 14th, 2017
Can you get cash back with a debit card

Online shopping is fast and convenient, plus typically offering a better variety of products than can be found in stores. Recently, online shopping has gotten even better thanks to online cash back websites like FlipGive. They partner with stores to promote links to the vendor’s website, and in return, they earn you money back on what you buy.

One big question that tends to come up when talking about earning cashback with online shopping, however, is, “Can you get cash back with a debit card?”

Since debit cards draw money directly from the user’s bank account, avoiding any interest charges, they offer greater peace of mind to many shoppers who use them as their payment method of choice for online purchases. Some debit cards even offer rewards or cash back, like credit cards, so that shoppers can earn even more money back on their purchases.

Unfortunately, the answer to whether they can be used to earn on cashback websites has historically been “no.” Credit cards are typically the only payment method accepted by these sites. For shoppers who don’t have credit cards or prefer not to use them, this can be a big drawback to using many cash back providers.

However, FlipGive has provided the solution! Now, you can use credit or debit cards when shopping online through FlipGive. Simply click through their portals to any one of their huge assortment of participating online stores, and provide your debit card information when checking out. You should see your cash back hit your FlipGive account in 48 hours or less.

Shopping online through FlipGive is simple and worry-free, and now even easier and more accessible for everyone, no matter how they want to pay.

Questions? Feel free to contact FlipGive’s support team anytime.

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