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Funny College Graduation Gifts for the 2017 Graduate

Mar 20 2017

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Graduation is a milestone for millions of students. It’s a time when all the hard work and sacrifice pays off and students can look forward to a career in the field of their choice. After completing years of hard work, many are now ready to relax as they spend some months looking for new opportunities. And so, it’s the perfect opportunity to buy your loved ones funny college graduation gifts for their 2017 graduation event. We’ll offer a few ideas in this latest post.

Funny Card Games

Whether it is something mild and quirky, or something completely irreverent, there are a multitude of different card games out there that will have everyone on the floor laughing. During your search, be sure to take your graduate’s personality into consideration so you choose the funny card game that best matches his or her personality. Not everyone’s sense of humor is the same, and you wouldn’t want to unnecessarily offend or bore someone.

Graphic T-Shirts

There are a number of options within this category of funny gift. Each of which allows you to show the graduate that there’s more to life than taking the job hunt too seriously post-graduation. Over time, you’ll discover there are hundreds of unique t-shirts available to provide your loved ones with that perfect item to wear during the post-graduation period.

Funny Grad Jewelry

Offering a funny take on graduation jewelry sported by engineers and others, there are now a number of companies making funny grad pieces. Good examples of funny grad gift jewelry might include rings, necklaces, or earrings that have funny shapes, sayings, or a funny take on the graduation process itself.

Personalized Baby Book

Balancing the line between funny and sweet, why not consider a personalized baby book as a graduation gift? The book will remind the graduate to keep their feet on the ground and remember where they came from when they’re moving forward in their education and their career. There are numerous baby books for graduates available, including ones that allow you to create memories and place them alongside the baby pictures in a stylish frame.

Take the time to review your options and speak to gift experts on the latest college graduation gifts in this growing marketplace. Our team is always here to provide their guidance and expertise.




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