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“Every year it gets better,” Juli’s five years with FlipGive

Jun 07 2018

Juli has been crushing it with the Markham Waxers - and she's shared her letter to parents with us.

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Each year, Juli Waddell seems to double FlipGive’s potential. In 2014 the team earned $261 for the Markham Waxers, and she saw potential. Next year, she earned $798, then $1,419. Finally last year topped out at $2,576.

That’s great, but what’s awesome is that Juli shared with us how she’s been doing it – and it’s not complicated.

Top Coach Tip - Introducing it in Person

“Here’s what I sent to this year’s team,” Juli said.

What’s worth pointing out is the fact Juli spoke with the team before sending out invites. People are great at ignoring e-mails, so it's super-effective to break the ice with an in-person meeting... Team meetings are usually the best opportunity for this.


Top Coach Tip - Earn Early, Earn Often

Juli knew how to earn bonus cash - so she made sure her team did too:

Since this is a group platform, we give $5 bonuses to every member who makes their first shop in the first week – Juli’s used it as a motivator to get her team to try it out. Once you try it, there are lots of tools so you don’t forget. Our pro Juli knows this as well:

…And that’s what it’s all about! Once this becomes a habit for the team, it just keeps getting better. Of course, Juli’s getting her friends and family involved, and encourages her team mates to do the same.

We’ve got our own version of an introductory pack here so you can copy Juli’s success – handouts, a letter, presentation, and a video are all available for you.

Want even more tips? Our fundraising coaches have been taking top tips from succesful coaches for you to use. Book a call to chat with a fundraising coach here, and benefit from their knowledge!

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    Every year she learns something new about the organization and its people. She has seen how it has grown from a small, scrappy startup to one of the largest platforms for fundraising in the world. She has seen that every year, FlipGive gets bigger and better at creating a community where people can help each other out. Try this employment placement services for the disabled for best services. Juli joined FlipGive in 2014 as an intern and soon became one of the main organizers of its Meetup group in New York City. In this role, she helped organize events for more than 800 attendees at least once a month throughout the year, including several large-scale events that brought together hundreds of donors and volunteers over three days at different locations around Manhattan.

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    Juli’s getting her friends and family involved, and encourages her team mates to do the same. concrete driveway

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