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Here's How To Make FlipGive Work For You

Dec 15 2016

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

FlipGive's in the business of making it easier for (fundraisers) to raise money, so we're letting you in on some hacks our top teams use to get more bang for their buck every time they shop, even after the holidays are over:


1. Booking hotel rooms through your fundraising page

Hotels are the top cost for most travelling teams. Hotels.com gives your team 5% cash back on every booking. That means hundreds of dollars that you could spend on......


2. Team dinnners

Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebees, Ultimate Dining Card, we have TONS of meal options that get you 5-15% cash back whenever your in the mood to celebrate. What to do with all that cash? Might we suggest you......


3. Buy your team gear

New skates? Jerseys? Choir t-shirts? We've got you covered with up to 20% cash back on outfitting your players to get your team closer to their goals. The best par? When you're all wearing those snazzy new digs you can......


4. Go to a baseball game

Or a football game, or a concert, or anything really. That's right, you get 5% cash back on every team outing you book through FlipGive. This is terrific for team bonding and helps your team reach their goals, kind of like.......


5. Hosting a cookie fundraiser

Or a chocolate fundraiser, or a Christmas basket fundraiser. When you purchase items for a fundraising event through FlipGive, you get up to 15% cash back. That means those cookies you bought could get you even more, which is almost as awesome as....


6. Hosting a gift card fundraiser

Gift cards on FlipGive get you some of our highest cash back percentages. It's also one of the easiest fundraisers to host because you don't need to wait for your orders to come in the mail. Which is almost as good as.....


7. Being able to raise money buying your groceries

Yea, we know. There's actually no need to host a fancy event to raise money if you don't want to, you can get cash back from your morning coffee or monthly cereal refill. The only thing that could make it easier is....


8. Downloading the browser extension: 

The FlipGive Browser Extension reminds you every time a store gets you cash back. That means you don't have to check back with your fundraise to make sure. So that means those shoes you just bought? Yea....


9. Your clothes get you cash back 

Old Navy, Macy's, Anthropologie, Hudson's Bay, JCPenney, need we say more? We literally have thousands of brands available that get you cash back, so you never need to feel guilty about spending too much on those pumps again because.....


10. Refer a friend

When you refer a friend, you each get a $20 boost to your fundraisers. 




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