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How to earn up to $150 with your Back to Campus shopping with FlipGive

Sep 01 2018

A list of the best dorm essentials you can get through FlipGive.

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Can you believe it's already Back to Campus time? Sending your kids to college or university can get quite overwhelming, especially the first time as you might not know what they really need. For that same reason, we have crafted a list of dorms essentials with the best gives you can get on FlipGive! 

*Some prices, merchants and gives are U.S specific and might vary for Canada. 

The Electronics


We all know that the most important tool for college is a laptop as it will help them get through homework and exams.The MacBook Pro Retina with Touchbar is still one of the most popular picks for college students but if you are looking for more options, make sure to check our laptop guide

PRICE: $1800





Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones are a great thing to have on campus. If you have experienced dorm life, you know that sharing a space with students can get noisy at times. These headphones will allow your kids to stay focused when studying and increase the comfort of their dorm life significantly! 

Price: $298

JET.COM Gives: 5%

Cash Back: $14.5


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Music is a great part of dorm life. Whether if it is for social gatherings, parties or simply playing playlists while studying: Portable Speakers are also a great thing to add to your list.



Price: $119.95

JET.COM Gives: 5%

Cash Back: $6


Bedding and Bathing Sets

Let's be honest, college beds suck. The bedding sets are a great way to make them more comfortable and make dorms feel like home. Our Campus Market has great value dorm packs with not only bedding (pillows, comforters, sheets, mattress pad, etc) but also towels and bath sheets. The packs also include other dorm must-haves and offer a wide list of option that are definitely worth checking out (gives 5% back to support your team). If you don't mind spending extra money in bedding sets, Anthropologie and PBteen also offer great options that will make your kids stand out from their peers (gives 10% and 4% back to support your team). 


Price: $369

OCM Gives: 5% 

CASH BACK: $18.45



Staying organized in a limited space can be quite challenging and that is why storage organizers are a must-have. Once again, Our Campus Market offers a great selection of storage options such as closet organizers, underbed storage bags, and trunks to make the most out of your storage. 

Storage kits 

Price: $25

OCM Gives: 5%

Cash Back: $1.25




Price: $229.95

OCM Gives: 5% 

Cash Back: $11.50


Other Essentials




Price: $44.99

OCM Gives: 5%

CASH BACK: $2.25



Coffee Machine: Keuring K15 Brewer 

Simply because they will need coffee to get through the endless studying hours.

Price: $89.99

OCM Gives: 5% 

Cash Back: $4.50


Wall Organizers/Decorations

These wall organizers will allow your kids to keep track of deadlines, exams, and other important dates. They are also a great way to make the space more personal with pictures and doodles! If you ever want to go a step further to decorate their dorms, Our Campus Market also has great wall canvases and photo frames. 

Price: $26.95

OCM Gives: 5% 

Cash Back: $1.35



Laundry Hamper 

You don't necessarily need to spend a lot on a laundry hamper, but more sophisticated options will be more practical for a college dorm. 

Price: $28.99

JET.COM Gives: 5%

Cash Back: $1.45


Shower Caddy Tote 

A must-have if they 

Price: $7.14 

JET.COM Gives: 5%

Cash Back: $0.35






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