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How To Host A Lunch And Learn Fundraiser

Dec 13 2017

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

A lunch and learn is a really fun way to raise money, especially if you work in a big office. What’s a lunch and learn fundraiser? They’re an opportunity for those in your community, or at your workplace, to learn and discuss a particular topic. It’s usually led by an industry influencer, and of course, lunch is served. There are a few ways to raise money with a lunch and learn, here’s how: 


Ordering your lunch with an eGift card:

When you have a fundraising campaign on FlipGive, you have access to our entire eGift card store, including tons of food options for your fundraiser. Ordering from a restaurant that gives you cash back tops up your fundraising event, which means more dollars for your cause. 


Charging to participate in your fundraiser:

Let your office or community members know what cause you’re raising money for, and charge a fee to participate in the lunch and learn. The purpose of this kind of fundraising event is to raise money, but it’s also so that your community or workplace can learn something valuable. Make sure that whoever you bring to speak, they are knowledgeable about their subject matter, especially if you’re charging an entry fee. 


When to host a lunch and learn:

Mid-week. Try to steer clear of Mondays and Fridays. These are the most common days for people to be busy, out of the office, or just bogged down by beginning and end of the week items. Wednesdays are a great time to host a lunch and learn. Make sure that the location of your lunch and learn is extremely easily accessible. Most of your participants will only have an hour or so, so location is really key. 



How to publicize:

Use email or social media to spread the word about your lunch and learn. Create a Facebook invite and a google calendar invite to remind your supporters of your fundraising event, and have the option to sell tickets in advance. Have a very clear topic up for discussion when you market your event, and lead with who will be speaking and what they will be talking about. Have an end time as well, so that your attendees can plan for how long they are going to be away from their respective offices. 


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