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How To Host A Museum Night Fundraiser

Dec 12 2017

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A museum night fundraiser is an amazing fundraising event to put together, but it’s a big undertaking, so be prepared to rally a team of volunteers and plan well in advance. 


Where to have your fundraiser:

Lots of museums already have programs in place for fundraising events. Approach your local museum and see what kinds of packages they offer. Make sure the kind of fundraiser you want to run makes sense with your budget and community. Different museums run their fundraising partnerships different ways. 


Kids museum night:

When it comes to kids museum nights, your best bet is to have a discounted ticket event during a slow day at the museum. Most of the time, tickets are discounted on a certain date, with proceeds going to your fundraising event. In this case, you’ll want to publicize your event well in advance, and work with the museum to reach out to their network. 


Museum night for adults:

This kind of museum night fundraising event is a huge undertaking. Most of the time, they are formal events with live music, food and alcohol, and special guided tours for exhibits. This kind of museum fundraising event can raise your cause a lot of money, but make sure that you have a big group of volunteers helping you out if you’re going to go this route. Tickets for this sort of museum night often cost a pretty penny, and you’re going to want to make sure that your event reflects that. 


How to publicize your fundraising event:

Create a Facebook event for your fundraiser, and a flyer that you can send out to your email network for your event. This is a great fundraiser for the whole family, and you want to make sure everyone knows about it so you have a great turnout!



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