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How To Host A Parent's Night Out Fundraiser

Nov 13 2017

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Hosting a parents night out fundraiser is a great way to rally your community or team together in order to support a good cause. A parent’s night fundraiser can really be anything you want, which is why it’s such a great fundraiser to run. The main thing about a parents night fundraiser, your fundraiser includes child care. This is probably the most important part of your fundraiser, and it’s also a great way to raise extra money. If you’re raising money for a community or school, enlist the help of teen volunteers to help babysit. 


What you should do for your fundraiser

A parent’s night out fundraiser could be anything from a bowling night to a pub crawl. Have fun with this fundraiser! Find out what the parents in your community or at your school like  to do in their spare time, and cater this sort of event to their preferences. You can even send out a survey for your fundraiser in order to figure out what kind of event is best. Make sure that you let your community know well in advance of this fundraising event, as it takes quite a bit of planning. 


How your fundraiser raises money

Charge an entry fee for your fundraising event that covers the activities for your parents night out, as well as babysitting services. This kind of fundraiser is an awesome way to raise money for your team or school, especially if you have student volunteers. It’s also a great way to bring your community together, and have members get to know each other better through your fundraising event. 


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