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How To Host A Spring Cleaning Drive Fundraiser

Dec 12 2017

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A spring cleaning drive is one of the best ways to raise money quickly for your cause. Of course, this kind of fundraiser works best in the spring, when the weather is changing and your community is trying to declutter for the summer months. 


How your fundraiser works:

The best way to run this kind of fundraising event is to offer pick-up for items that your supporters are getting rid of. Have a team of volunteers available to pick up and unload items for your fundraising event. Publicize your event, and let your community know that you’re doing a spring cleaning drive. 


How your fundraiser makes money:

Your supporters will be charged a fee to pick up items they are getting rid of. You want to make sure that your supporters specify if they are getting rid of larger items like furniture, so that you can direct your volunteers. Make sure that your volunteers know the kind of work they will be doing. If you have volunteers who can’t lift heavy items, designate them as drivers. 


Organizing your fundraising event:

Have a list of your supporters who have opted into your fundraiser. Organize them by location and give each of your volunteers a list of homes to get to that have items that you need for your spring cleaning drive. You may need to have a special vehicle available for large items. If you don’t have a truck at your disposal, rent one and charge a higher fee for larger items. 


What this fundraiser works for: 

This fundraising event works best for organizations that need clothing and household items, like a homeless shelter or a community organization that gives to families in need. Sometimes, the process of hauling items to a shelter or community organization is what stops your supporters from donating items. If you come to them, you’ll see a much higher volume in donated items. 



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