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How To Host A Trivia Night Fundraiser

Nov 13 2017

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Hosting a trivia night is a great fundraising idea for any organization. If you’re hosting your trivia night fundraiser for parents, a trivia night fundraiser is a great event to host at a bar or pub. If you’re running your fundraising campaign for kids, make sure that the trivia questions are catered to the proper age group. 


Where to host your trivia night fundraiser:

Host your trivia night fundraising event in a location that makes sense for your supporters. If you’re hosting your fundraising event at a pub or bar, make sure that it’s close enough to where your supporters live. If you’re running your fundraiser for kids, host the fundraising event at your community centre, school gym, or ask the arena you play at if you can rent space after hours. 


What topic should your trivia fundraiser focus on:

Your trivia should focus on fun and accessible questions that work with the organization that you’re raising money for. If you’re raising money for an athletic team, have the trivia centralized around that sport. If you’re raising money for a school, advertise in advance what the subject matter of the trivia is so that they can prepare. 


Make your fundraiser more fun, and raise more too:

Have food available for your participants, and have prize draws to keep your fundraiser interesting. 


Have fun prizes for your fundraiser:

Prizing for a trivia night doesn’t have to impact your dollars raised. If you’re raising money for a community centre, offer classes that are offered at your centre for free. If you’re raising money for a team, winners could win the right to be let out of obligations like carpool or snack. 


How your fundraiser raises money:

Your fundraiser raises money a few ways. You can charge an entry fee for teams to participate in the trivia night, or charge a fee at the door. Charging an entry fee per team for your fundraiser is the easiest way to raise money, because teams have to register in advance anyway. 


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