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How To Host An At The Movies Fundraiser

Dec 12 2017

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An at-the-movies fundraiser is such a fun way to raise money for your team, cause, or school. It requires a little bit of planning, but can be run at any time during the year. This is a great fundraiser to run during the holiday season, because you can play a classic christmas movie for your supporters in theatres. 


How your fundraiser works: 

Approach local theatres in your community and see if they would be willing to donate a theatre for an evening to support your fundraiser. Most often, movie theatres will only run these kinds of events during the week, so you should plan to run your event relatively early, especially if your fundraiser is for kids. Your supporters purchase tickets for your movie, like purchasing tickets for any other movie in the theatres, with proceeds going to your team, cause, or school. The great thing about this kind of fundraising event is that it requires relatively little planning on your part. The movie theatre already takes care of tickets, refreshments, and playing the movie itself, all you have to do is bring the crowd. 


Picking your movie:

Choose a movie that you can screen for a fairly cheap price. Films that are being shown in theatres often require licensing, so you’ll want to check which movie you want to screen, and make sure the cost to screen that film makes sense with your bottom line. 


Publicizing your fundraiser:

Once you decide on the film you would like to screen, create a Facebook event advertising your movie night. Send an email out to your community so they know the date of your fundraising event. If you want to be organized, sell tickets in advance for your event so that you’re supporters are guaranteed seats at your event. The last thing you want is supporters showing up and not being able to attend your fundraiser. 


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    This is a great fundraiser to run during the holiday season, because you can play a classic christmas movie for your supporters in theatres. | Boom Pumps

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