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How to motivate your team to raise more money with FlipGive

Sep 19 2018

"The team was also lucky to have a couple of local businesses sponsor us this week and instead of them just giving us a cheque."

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

The best part about FlipGive, simply put, is that it allows teams to earn extra for the shopping they're already doing. It would be almost irresponsible to not use FlipGive for your everyday shopping. And with the FlipGive app, we've made it easier than ever to make it more convenient for you. Whether you're waiting in line to pay at Indigo, or cheering on your kids on the bleachers at a game, you're only a few clicks away from earning extra. 

"Alright Alam, tell me something I don't know. How are teams able to earn hundreds of dollars in one week?"  What a good looking question, and one that we get quite often. And so, with that, I present to you a list of Cliches.

  • The more the merrier.

  • There's always strength in numbers.

  • There's no 'I' in Team.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work.

The girl scout's truth is this, you need to work together as a team and make sure everyone is using FlipGive for their everyday shopping. THAT'S what will get you the success your team is aiming to see. Getting into the habit of using anything new takes some time. So keep everyone engaged, use your team's activity feed and throw in reminders and help each other by sharing how you're using FlipGive. Last week's 2nd place winners of the shopping challenge did just that. 

"There are quite of few of us that do most of our shopping online, so with the kids needing back to school supplies, it wasn't hard to get people spending this week! Plus, I took some extra time over the weekend to show those having any trouble how to use the App and Gift Card Wallet." - Megan Rigby, Coach of The Junior Mustangs Atom Purple

When you're starting out, you might discover some cool features that others on your team may not have gotten around to yet. Megan led her team to success by going the extra mile and helping them around the app. She knew her way around quite well, so by sharing what she knew about FlipGive's functionalities she was able to fast forward her team's progress to simply start shopping and earning more quickly. "The team was also lucky to have a couple of local businesses sponsor us this week and instead of them just giving us a cheque I asked them to use the FlipGive platform!! I am really thankful to everyone for helping out and to FlipGive for having this great way to fundraise!"

Another really great thing she did was to take advantage of all the Back to School deals going on, and again, simply use FlipGive to earn extra for all the clothes and supplies she planned to buy anyways. So whether it's holiday shopping, birthdays, everyday shopping for your family, sports equipment, clothes, or most deliciously, meals out FlipGive has got your team covered.


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