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How To Run A Babysitting Fundraiser

Nov 15 2017

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A babysitting fundraiser is a great event to run all year round. Volunteers donate their time, and parents who hire the babysitters donate their fee in order to raise money for your team, cause, or school. This kind of fundraising is best done over a long period of time, and with volunteers who can commit to a certain duration of time helping out your cause. 


What you need before your fundraiser begins: 

This kind of fundraiser works best at a school or community centre. Before you even start your fundraiser, you need to make sure that the babysitters that will be volunteering are trained in how to take car of children. Have your volunteers complete a CPR certification before they begin volunteering for your babysitting fundraiser, and have a schedule of availability for your volunteers. To make things easiest, only have your services available at specific times, so your volunteers know when they’ll be volunteering their services. 


How to schedule your fundraiser:

Have your fundraiser scheduled at the same times over the course of the week, usually evenings, so that you and your volunteers know when they should be available. 


How to select your volunteers for your fundraiser:

Because this fundraising event is dealing with children, volunteer babysitters should have an age minimum. The minimum age is up to your discretion, but make sure your volunteers are equipped enough to handle babysitting for parents in your community. 


Have a committee to help you organize your fundraiser:

During your babysitting fundraiser, you’re going to want to have a team of volunteers to be available in case any of your participants need something. This is why you’re going to want to schedule your services at specific times, so that you don’t have to be on call regularly for the duration of your fundraising endeavour. 


Cover all the bases for your fundraiser:

Make sure that you have the contact information for all of your volunteers during your fundraiser, and the contact information for the families who sign up for the babysitting services. 


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