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How To Run A Grocery Bagging Fundraiser

Dec 12 2017

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Bagging groceries is a fun way to raise money for your team or school. It’s super simple, and a lot of major grocery stores already have everything you need to know set up. This kind of fundraiser works great for teams, and even though it’s not a great way to raise a whole lot of money, it really gives kids a sense of contributing to a cause that’s important to them. 


What you need before your fundraising event: 

Your fundraiser's success depends on two things: your volunteers, and your supporters. Send out a notification to parents of your volunteers to make sure that they know when their kids need to be available for this fundraiser. You'll also want to notify your community as a whole, so they do their shopping on the day of your fundraiser! Have your volunteers wear their team jerseys, or the same color so they are easily identified. Have a few parents on hand to help the event run smoothly and keep all of your volunteers in check. 


How to coordinate your fundraiser with your local store:

Contact the store manager of your local grocery store and ask if you can host your event on a weeknight or over the weekend. Get your team to dress up in their gear so that shoppers can identify them. Your students bag the groceries, and/or carry them to the customer's vehicle. Donations are entirely voluntary, and make sure your students tell this to the customers.Only schedule the fundraising event for a few hours. And if you can, don’t have it during rush hour times. 


What you'll need for your fundraiser:

The only thing you need to bring for your fundraiser is a donation box per volunteer, so that your supporters can donate to your cause. 



  • Jannie Ebert about 2 months ago

    Grocery bagging fundraisers are a brilliant way to raise funds for your group, club, or organization. This type of fundraiser is so easy because all you need to do is get permission from your local grocery store and then show up with a bunch of people ready to bag groceries for tips. I learned about it when ‌‌best assignment writing services wrote several articles on related topics. The key to a successful fundraiser is promotion. Tell everyone you know about it and start getting people as excited as you are! Social media is your best friend.

  • Benny Cruz 9 months ago

    Have a few parents on hand to help the event run smoothly and keep all of your volunteers in check. | Flagstone Patio

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