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How To Run A Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

Dec 12 2017

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Ah, the lemonade stand, the most classic of all fundraisers. This kind of fundraiser works anywhere, anytime, so long as you have consistent traffic coming to your fundraising event! Lemonade stands are a great addition to other fundraiser, like a carnival, yard sale, or charity tournament. Here’s everything you need to make sure your fundraising event runs smoothly:


When to host your fundraiser:

A lemonade stand fundraiser works best during the summer months. Hot days equals lots of thirsty supporters! A lemonade stand fundraiser is great during summer games, but it can get a little tricky when you’re trying to keep your drinks cold. 


What you’ll need for your fundraiser:


A lemonade stand fundraiser is a low maintenance fundraising endeavour, but you’ll still need a few things in order to run it. First and foremost, you’ll need a table for your fundraiser, for your volunteers to serve your supporters. Depending on how fancy you want to go, you can have regular cups available, or spill proof cups with sealed tops to make carrying easier. 


You’ll of course need lemonade for your fundraiser, and you can choose to make this a few ways. If you’re raising money with kids, making the lemonade for your fundraiser could be a fun activity to do with your volunteers! If you make your own lemonade, make sure that you have enough for refills, or have some store bought available just in case. 


Make sure you have a lot of ice at your disposal for your lemonade stand fundraiser, and a place to keep the ice so it doesn’t melt, especially if you’re running your fundraiser in the summer. 

A money box: 

Have a money box with change available. This is super important, but often forgotten when it comes to fundraisers like this. 


Bonus cash back for your fundraiser:

Purchasing items for your fundraiser through a FlipGive fundraising page can earn you up to 25% cash back on items you purchase for your fundraiser. You can also invite your supporters to shop through your page, or make donations to support your cause


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  • Jordan Beaubien 12 months ago

    wait we can raise a lemonade fundraiser too!

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    setting up a fundraiser may be a frightening prospect. Even the maximum skilled occasions managers will stumble upon the identical demanding situations. I, run a fundraiser stand of espresso coffee in downtown last year with my friend.

  • Jeffrey Concrete about 1 year ago

    Depending on how fancy you want to go, you can have regular cups available, or spill proof cups with sealed tops to make carrying easier. | Decorative Concrete

  • Joe Anderson about 1 year ago

    It's pretty easy to do! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm also planning to have a fundraiser soon. Read more

  • Diane Berlusconi about 1 year ago

    I plan to do this for my students when face to face classes will resume. Thanks for the input.If you need installation and design of retaining walls reach out today.

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