How To Run A Photo Contest Fundraiser

By Miri Elmaleh Community Manager At Flipgive December 13th, 2017
Photo contest fundraiser flipgive

Give all of the aspiring photographers you know the opportunity to to showcase their best pictures with this fundraiser: have a  photo competition! You can run your photo competition with a theme or without one. Here’s how it works: 


When to run your fundraiser?

If you’re planning on running your fundraiser for a custom calendar, you should run your even in October or November, so that you can sell your custom calendars at the start of the new year. Alternatively, some calendars start a month or two before January, like calendars that begin at the start of the school year. Either way, give yourself at least two months to run the photo contest, and get your calendar together. 


How your fundraiser raises money:

Charge your participants a fee per photo entered for your contest. 


How long to run your fundraiser:

The average photo contest runs anywhere from 3-6 weeks, although we have had photo contest that have been for a much shorter period and photo contests that have been for a much longer period. 


What your participants win?

This kind of fundraiser works really well with a custom calendar fundraiser. The 12 winning photos receive a spot in your custom calendar, and a free calendar once it’s printed. 

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