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Meet a FlipGive Parent: How Nick and his family are staying motivated through COVID-19

Jun 05 2020

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

At FlipGive, we love reading all kinds of stories about how Sports Parents are experiencing different aspects of their lives such as parenting, work, hobbies, relationships and more. This is the reason why we came up with "Meet a FlipGive Sport Parent", a series that will feature Sports Parents that inspire us. 

Nicholas Lee is our Chief Technology Officer at FlipGive. He responsible for the design and build of the FlipGive product as well as the merchant network that provides cash back to teams across the US and Canada. Nick is an aspiring renaissance man and is passionate about building anything, applying technology to improve any aspect of life, being outdoors in nature and getting away to explore faraway places any time he can travel.

What sports or activities are your children most involved in?

Our young family is less about team sports and more into arts & design - my daughter is trying to be the triple threat - she sings in a choir, dances jazz and contemporary, and takes acting lessons in a local theatre school. This means a lot of time for my wife and i shuttling her back and forth between practices and performances. My son is just starting to get into hip hop dance but seems to be more interested in coding camps and maker culture. Definitely a future engineer.

What is your go-to source of entertainment (books, shows, podcasts)?

We watch a lot of Youtube and Netflix. Less so the popular shows and more documentaries or how-to videos; although my wife and I were really addicted to Mr. Robot for some time. Whether it's the kids watching a streamer talk about how they built their Minecraft house or watching a cooking show for inspiration we're most entertained learning from others gushing about their craft.

What are your tips to balance work and family life at home? 

We do the best we can. I'm lucky to come from a big family where there is always someone to help watch over the kids. But working in a startup is really demanding - it was really tough in the early days of FlipGive but now that we're scaling up it's nice to have a great work family to support me just like i do at home.

Summer is coming, what are your favorite activities to do with the family?

We are fortunate enough to live by a great bike path in the city so family bike rides are a regular thing. We can't wait for the pools and beaches to open back up as we're also really into swimming.

What are your tips to keep your kids motivated?

I think the key is to involve them in hobbies and projects that you are into. The things that interest you as a parent will naturally be interesting to your kids as well so it's really important make them a part of your hobbies and personal growth projects. This helps you bond and and grow closer together.


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