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On the Road to Cooperstown!

Mar 01 2018

Best in travel, event and restaurant tips for sports families that are headed to Cooperstown, NY this Spring!

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When it comes to baseball tournaments, all roads lead to Cooperstown, NY. Whether you travel that road by land or air, Cooperstown is the ultimate baseball experience for the entire family.
As an international hub for youth baseball, Cooperstown attracts players and their people from all over the world. It’s an amazing experience, but it doesn’t come cheap. 


For those within driving distance, it often makes the most sense to pack of the gear and the fam and hit the road. There are so many on-the-go options for this family road trip and with a little planning you’ll be sure to reap the rewards –and cash back! Most national chains have motels and inns en route, making the drive that much easier.
For those who like to stay like they play - as a team - another great option is renting a bus. Let that team spirit soar as you hit the road. Many hotels will be provide a group rate if you need to stop, and there are lots of choices to fit every budget once you arrive at the mecca of baseball. 
Coming from further afield? No problem. Bundle up your flights, accommodations and even car rental with top travel sites. There are 3 commercial airports a mere drive away. 


Once you’re there, you’ll find Cooperstown has a lot more to offer than just baseball tournaments. Some places places the kids might love include: 
  1. The Farmer’s Museum  is a hands-on history lesson  right on a working farm.  
  2. The Fenimore Art Museum is a gorgeous gallery located in an historic mansion. 
  3. The Popp Butterfly Conservatory offers visitors a chance to see more than home runs in their tropical gardens.  
  4. Looking for a little culture to go along with your sport? The Glimmerglass Opera might be just the ticket. 
  5. And let’s not forget the shining star of Cooperstown: the National Baseball Hall of Fame
Save on all these great attractions by searching for local deals once there. Just make sure you leave enough time for the games.



Once schedules are set, the biggest question on everyone’s mind when it comes to the tournaments is: where will we eat? From locally sourced-produce and American classics, to internationally acclaimed restaurants and trendy cuisine, Cooperstown has it all. 
Many groups find it easiest to arm their players with pre-paid gift cards, letting smaller groups go where they like. There are many family-friendly favourites like Applebee’s, IHOP and Chili’s nearby . Fast food fixes can be found at the local Burger King, Chipotle and, of course, Starbucks .
No matter your taste or your mode of travel, Cooperstown has it all: baseball, tournaments and more. So dust off your glove and make your way to the home of American Baseball.
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    Thanks so much for this article. I found it very helpful specially since our Team is heading to Cooperstown next summer and we need all the information we can get.

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