Pom Poms, Bows, & Fees: The Cost of Cheer

November 21 2019

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Cheerleading can be one of the more expensive, but most rewarding high school activities a young person can get involved in. Cheerleaders typically have to buy their uniforms, pay for travel fees and expenses, gym fees, and much more. The high price of cheerleading can often pay off tenfold in the benefits it can provide for mental and physical health. The question of whether or not to consider cheerleading as a sport is highly debated. It has not traditionally been placed in the category of “sport” because it is not seen as a competitive activity. However, this has begun to change as cheerleading competitions become more prevalent. Despite your stance on the issue, cheerleaders train incredibly hard just as an athlete would. On top of this, it is a highly social activity. Cheerleaders are very involved in school activities from sporting events to school dances, fundraisers, pep rallies, and more. From pom-poms to bows, continue reading to discover the top expenses of cheerleading.

Top Expenses for Cheerleading

1. Cheerleading Uniform

A standard cheerleading uniform can cost around $100 for just the uniform alone.

2. Uniform Accessories

Accessories for a cheerleading uniform can really add up. These will typically include bows, bloomers, pom-poms, cheerleading shoes, and makeup. The cost of all of these together can range from $100-$200.

3. Warm-Up Gear

Cheer season often takes place during the cooler months. Many cheer teams will invest in warm-up jackets and pants with school or team logos that can cost around $80-$150 in total.

4. Tuition & Registration Fees

The cost for a standard year of high school cheerleading can range from $700 to $1,000.

5. Gym Fees

For cheerleaders looking to join a competitive cheer gym, the cost can range from $1,000-$3,000 per year.

6. Tumbling Classes

Most cheerleaders, especially competitive cheerleaders, are encouraged or required to take gymnastics and tumbling classes. These classes help the cheerleader improve strength, flexibility, and learn tricks and techniques such as handsprings, round-offs, tucks, handstands, somersaults and flips. The cost of tumbling classes can range from $150-$300 per month.

7. Cheer Camp

The cost of cheer camp is typically around $250-$300 per cheerleader. This fee includes the costs of instruction, food, and lodging. On top of this base fee, each attendee will have to factor in the cost of practice outfits, warmups, shoes, and everything else they will need during their time there. The total can range from $400-$500.

8. Competition Fees

Cheerleading competitions are becoming more popular these days, as the training becomes better and cheer teams want to push themselves even further beyond the realm of sporting events. However, the cost of competing can be a bit pricey. Fees can range from $1,000-$1,200.

In total, the cost for a year of cheerleading can run you $3,500- $6,000 give or take depending on how serious and advanced your cheerleader is and what type of cheer they are involved in. With this high price tag, you may be asking yourself, “why even put my child in cheer at all?” If your child is serious and enthusiastic about becoming a cheerleader the benefits can greatly justify the amount of money spent.

The Top Benefits of Cheerleading 

1. Physical

Cheerleading utilizes the entire body. Cheer routines are highly acrobatic and involve a great amount of physical endurance. A cheerleader at a top competitive level must be as physically fit as a competitive gymnast. Advanced cheerleaders push their bodies to their physical maximums.

2. Mental

As with any other physical activity, cheerleading is greatly beneficial for mental health and happiness. Exercise is proven to reduce anxiety and depression, increase energy, and improve sleep. These benefits can trickle over into other aspects of the cheerleader’s life. Students who are less anxious and depressed are likely to perform better in school.

3. Discipline

Cheerleading requires a great amount of discipline. An advanced cheerleader is required to stick to a regimented exercise schedule and attend all practices, games, and competitions. On top of this, cheerleaders are often required to maintain a certain GPA to cheer and for those interested in college-level cheerleading this GPA must be even higher.

4. Social Skills and Teamwork

Cheerleading is a highly social activity. Cheerleaders are often very involved in school life from organizing dances, heading up fundraisers and organizing pep rallies. The social skills one develops can be tremendously beneficially through the rest of life translating into the job market. On top of this, cheerleaders are required to work closely together with their teammates. Often, teammates will even become lifelong friends. 

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