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Schools are Discovering Virtual Fundraising with FlipGive

November 17 2020

With COVID impacting traditional school fundraising ideas, FlipGive provides a fun and effective way to earn while shopping and collect donations

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Looking for new ways to raise money for expenses and activities while socially distant, schools have discovered FlipGive as a virtual fundraising solution.

"Since late September, we've connected with hundreds of schools to help them launch a FlipGive fundraising team," said Sam Menard, VP Growth at FlipGive. "Elementary and high schools along with parent-teacher associations are turning to virtual fundraising. Many are hoping that 2021 will also see the return of graduation ceremonies and trips, in addition to the ongoing need to pay for expenses like school improvements while supporting sports programs and student clubs". 

Schools and Parent Committees are earning from the shopping parents are already doing instead of going door-to-door selling things, along with the ability to easily accept donations. With FlipGive, there are over 700 retailers who support local communities by giving a percentage of every purchase back when you buy gift cards and shop online, including family faves in everyday spend categories like groceries, gas and coffee, along with clothes, sports equipment and home renovations. Holiday shopping, birthday parties and gift cards for safe, contactless payments for curbside pickup or at physical retail stores are popular ways to benefit from FlipGive. 

"On top of being easy to set up and run, it does not cost the family any additional money as they are paying for their usual purchases with a kickback coming to the school for those purchases," said Jody Jowett, a VP in Simcoe County, Ontario. "Best of all it is the fundraiser that keeps on giving as there does not need to be an end date to using the app so the funds keep coming in all year long.” 

Jody is one of many schools on the platform earning thousands. Including Halton Hills Christian School, St. Catherine of Alexandria, Marantha PS, and St. Catherine of Siena - all of which have earned over $2,500 this year. 

FlipGive lets you continue your fundraising virtually, making it a simple choice for schools, and a lot of fun for the parents and supporters who get involved, as they see the immediate impact of their regular shopping helping schools reach their fundraising goals. Buy what you need to fund what you love! 

About FlipGive
FlipGive is a modern fundraising solution that helps teams make fundraising easy and enjoyable for parents, creating positive impacts in communities. As a loyalty platform, FlipGive connects over 700 retail brands in the US and Canada to parents to help drive brand awareness and new spending. Simply create an account on www.flipgive.com, invite others to join your Team to shop for the things you need anyways - groceries, gas, fashion, home renovations, restaurant gift cards and much more. Visit FlipGive to find out more about how it works.


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