The Equipment You Need For Softball

February 26 2020

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Drills, warm-ups, and exercises are extremely valuable for becoming the best softball player, but just as important is the equipment that is required for playing the game. From wild pitches and hard-hit balls to collisions on the base paths, having the proper equipment for softball can save you from a variety of severe injuries. Depending on the player’s position, there are different protective gear and equipment that can keep each softball player safe at every base, while still being comfortable and able to perform at their very best. Continue reading to find out what equipment you need to play a fun and safe softball game.

Softball Cleats

  • Price Range: $25 to $120
  • How long they last: 3-4 months (one season)
  • Fit: Start with standard shoe size
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No matter the position you play, softball players are required to wear cleats. Softball cleats are one of the most underrated pieces of equipment for softball. Cleats made for softball are built with thicker soles, which provides support and better traction to help the player steal bases or chase hit balls. Also, softball cleats have thicker and higher uppers paired with metal or molded studs, making any soft surface safe for running, jumping or sliding without risk of injury. Always make sure your cleats are with you when you’re ready to play!

Fielders Mask or Catchers Mask

While a mask for a catcher should be obvious, pitchers and infielders are recommended to always wear a face mask during a softball game, since those positions are more likely to come in contact with a line drive. Softball face masks are intended to protect the eyes, mouth, teeth, and nose from severe injuries. These tend to be a little cheaper in terms of cost when compared to catcher masks. Catcher masks tend to have a little more variety and depend more on personal preference. Traditional masks are more affordable and can be taken off more easily, but they also offer a little less protection and may obstruct some people’s views. Hockey-style masks provide more stability and more overall protection for the head, as well as increased visibility.

Shin Guards and Chest Protectors

  • Price Range: $25 to $120
  • How long they last: 2-4 years (multiple seasons depending on care)
  • Fit: Measure from the top of your chest plate to your waist for an appropriate measurement
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The primary softball positions to wear shin guards are the catcher and pitcher. Shin guards are extremely important for catchers because they protect the knees, legs, and shins from various scrapes when going for foul balls and/or pitches in the dirt. Many catchers also consider leg pads for the calves to help relieve stress while crouched. Often times pitchers wear shin guards to further protect themselves especially for quick returns that come low to the ground from the bat. While both pitchers and catchers will wear shin guards, only catchers will be expected to have a chest protector as well as a groin protector for younger leagues. As you get older, some prefer to not use the groin protector because it can make it harder to move.

Softball Helmet

  • Price Range: $20 to $70
  • How long they last: 1.5 to 2 years
  • Fit: Helmets normally follow your expected hat sizes
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Softball helmets are required to be worn by all players, because of the high velocities the ball travels at can cause a severe or fatal injury. The majority of softball leagues require that helmets approved by the NOCSEA (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) standard be worn and stamped for approval. Serious head injuries can happen very quickly in the game of softball. Balls are moving all over the field at rapid speeds, making the helmet one of the most important softball gears to wear to stay protected on the field.

Softball Bats

  • Price Range: $35 to $450
  • How long they last: 10 months (heavy use)
  • Fit: Choice of bat is dependent on personal taste, particularly for weight. Place the knob on your chest - if you can grab the barrel with your hand, it’s likely a good length.
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Softball bats may seem the most obvious piece of equipment to have, but choosing a bat if very dependent on a player’s tastes and the league. Depending on the softball league you are playing in, the ASA (Amateur Softball Association of America) may need to approve the bats you wish to use with the ASA logo on it. Other leagues may have strict rules against aluminum or wood bats. For youth softball players it is common for the bats to have safety knobs on the end, which these large end-caps on the handle can help young players maintain their grip on the bat to avoid the bats from flying into the stands or dugouts on wild swings. Be sure to fully understand the league’s regulations and restrictions on what type of bat is allowed.

Gloves & Catching Mitts

Fielding the ball is one of the most important actions in a softball game, making your mitt perhaps your most important piece of equipment. Different positions beyond the catcher may have different requirements - infielders tend to want shorter, shallower gloves, while outfielders want a deeper pocket. Catchers and first baseman's mitts tend to be more padded and stiffer to deal with the rigors of their positions.

Additional Softball Equipment to Buy:

  • Mouthguard ($15-$40)
  • Softball Clothes: ($100-$300)
  • Sunglasses ($20-$200)
  • Eye black ($5-$10)
  • Batting Gloves ($10-$45)

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FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.