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The TeamShop Winners Are Here: Find Out What These Teams Did To Raise Big

FlipGive is fundraising, without all the work. Create a campaign and raise money buying everyday items and stay in the loop on special promos, sales, and contests. Does your team need funds this season?
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The TeamShop Challenge results are in and we couldn't be prouder of the winning teams! Check out how they did it, and their tips and tricks on how to rally your team to raise even more this summer. 

Bronco Select U12 Black Fastpitch: Raised $9,764, Won $3,500

This Babe Ruth League team got their entire community involved to snag the top prize in this year's challenge!  Every member of the Broncos fundraising team committed to promoting and sharing their campaign with on their social media networks. Their campaign reached thousands - many of which came back to their page and shopped to help earn cash back. It was really a community effort

Wildcats 12U: Raised $19,494, Won $2,500

The Wildcats have had a whirlwind year on FlipGive. After taking home the grand prize during the 2016 Winter TeamShop Challenge, this amazing team came back strong to win the second place prize during the spring challenge. Their advice to other teams? Rally your team by sharing what you buy. The Wildcats fundraising team shared their purchases on FlipGive to provide ideas and inspiration on how to raise money faster.  They also all downloaded the Cash Back reminder button which ensured they never missed an opportunity to each cash back. Read more about their amazing journey to Ripen Myrtle Beach here

2017 Outlaws Cooperstown Team: Raised $8,841, Won $1,500

The Outlaws started their FlipGive fundraiser last Christmas, which gave them enough time to get their team acquainted with how FlipGive works. By starting early and encouraged everyone to buy their holiday gifts through their page, this team was able to raise money even faster during the TeamShop Challenge. With upcoming gifting occasions (like Mother's Day and Father's Day), they'll continue to buy all their gifting needs through their page.